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White decor inspiration

 Most home owners probably don’t know that white décor is still the most adopted décor option in the world. People do like to play with their home décor setting,  but most of them eventually go for a white interior inspiration rather than going for something that is trending at the moment.

It has become something of a trend with people caring less and less for all kinds of crazy trends out there and settling for something simpler such as an overall white décor.

It all begins with white color

The path to a white chic décor starts with the paint on the walls. You might not know about this but actually, there are different bases and tones of the white paint that you can use. The room that has a lot of natural light coming in can use a blue base with white paint.

But those rooms such as the bedrooms could use cream-tinted whites to add the illusion of brightness. White décor is not only soothing to look at but can incorporate a huge variety of ideas and inspirations. It might be the only color that goes with literally anything that you have in mind.

Any furniture piece, large-scale painting or art, or even antique item can receive a vivid spotlight from the white décor setting. Anyway if you are truly committed then the following are some of the ideas that you can try to manage a chic white look for your home.

Think of white as an artists canvas

An all-white bedroom or living room might sound a bit intimidating. You might not feel at ease going with everything white such as white walls, a white ceiling, and even a white bedsheet. Doesn’t it get too much? Well, for some people it can be but you need to think of it as an opportunity instead.

Take white as a blank canvas that you can use to do more interesting stuff. Don’t want your walls to be all-white? Instill a new color with it, go for blue, light grey, or something else but do it in addition to white. Such as having two white walls or two some other color just to have a sense of contrast.

Hard black wood furniture within the room, a silky white bedsheet, and sweet pictures of your family plastered over the wall in white frames will do the trick. Not only your place would look astonishing but extremely elementary too. And you would still have the notion of a blank canvas. You can do multiple additions whenever you want, change the décor or customize the space a bit more if you want to.

Bring white into your kitchen

It doesn’t matter what type of kitchen you have, it could be modern or traditional. The thing is that it is going to look extremely elementary and luxurious with an all-white assembly. Think of creamy countertops, hardwood stools, and dining table, all white walls, and floor. It is nothing but majestic.

It will help your kitchen look classic and sleek. Many homeowners simply dread opting for an all-white kitchen because it can get dirty really easily. Those smudgy oil stains and black spots are just awful. This also comes with a simple solution, install a proper exhaust in your kitchen to fend off this problem. OR opt for a matt finish all white paint because this way you can simply clean off any dust or oily particles that clump over as residue on the white paint.

The best thing about this approach is that you can now get appliances in all white too. Manufacturers have come around to the fact that most people opt for a white chic kitchen and to complete the look they are going to want white appliances too. You can go with the regular ones if you want to create a contrast, there is really no judging here when it comes to appliances, whatever gets the job done for you.

Thinking about white upholstery?

When you look at something white, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? It is that this white thing looks super clean and classic, doesn’t it? Of course, anything in white looks beautiful and simply timeless.

So, why can’t your upholstery be all white? You don’t need to worry about the maintenance or cleanliness aspects of the white upholstery. It can be managed pretty easily. An all-white sofa with an accompanying white rug and a coffee table made of hardwood looks like something out of a textbook for your living room.

As for the bedroom, you can lay in white sheets on the bed, and have a white carpet on the floor. And if you are worried about it getting all dirty then there is a simple solution for that too. You need to opt for faux leather or even white khaki as a fabric as these are easier to clean and less likely to get all dirty.

A piece of art with white looks majestic

Now, this tip is for your living room. It might work for your bedroom too but let’s start with the living room, shall we? Having an all-white wall in your living room can prove to be an asset if you have got an eye for art.

Do you like majestic abstract art, paintings, sculptures, or anything that you can showcase within your home? If so, then just for a second think about how elementary it would look on an all-white wall. It would become the centerpiece of the room automatically.

If not an all-white wall then maybe an all-white fireplace mantle or an all-white bed will be up for the task in your bedroom. It isn’t anything permanent. If you don’t like one big painting, you can opt for many small ones, or along with paintings a few sculptures or other historic art pieces would do the trick just fine. Art is a personal expression and it shouldn’t be something that you impose on yourself, whatever gets you in the mood is fine.

White printed pillows and white drapes

Let’s assume for a second that you don’t want to go for an all-white décor such as getting the walls and the ceiling all white. It just doesn’t hit home with you but you still want to add white décor to your home. If this is the case then you can do it easily with the help of white throw pillows and drapes.

You can get the pillows printed with exciting messages if you want or leave them plain white. There are tons of different fabrics and tones and shades of whites to choose from. So, if you were thinking that it would have been a simple addition you need to think again.

As for the drapes consider something that is tall and majestic and a really vibrant shade of white. Because this way it will accent the present décor of the room that these drapes are hanging in. It would simply look timeless. And if it isn’t too much trouble then consider opting for oversized drapes that are hanging low and kissing the floor of the room, it adds a luxurious vibe to the place.

Mix match white into your bathroom

No one is ever going to like an all-white bathroom, it will look nauseating. That is why it is time to mix and match to achieve a white décor balance with some other color etched into your bathroom. There are a few things that you can do here.

First of all, think of painting the walls white and then two of these with some other contrasting color and leaving the floor white with tiles. It will get the party going. You don’t need to worry about appliances or accessories that you want to fit in, they could be of any color or texture as long as you stick with the general outline here.

Another route that you can take is an all-white bathroom with cabinetry and compartments of some other dominating color. The most obvious choice is going to be red, blue, or any other dominating color. It will complete the look that you are opting for plus add a sense of pizzaz to the eyes.

All white bedding

Last but not least if you want to incorporate white into your bedroom only due to personal preference or not anyone else in your family agrees on an all-white home then this is the ideal solution that you can pursue.

You should opt for an all-white bed set, linen white sheets, a white rug around the bed, and a white bedside stand to accomplish the look. There is another benefit to the all-white bedding and that is the fact that it will make your room look more spacious.

Final thoughts

Pulling an all-white décor can be a difficult task but with the right ideas and execution of the resources, it will become convenient for you. Play with any of the ideas above either unanimously or one by one to find your balance with white décor.




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