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What is interiors ? – the defenition of the term

Interiors – Introduction and definition:

What does the word ‘interiors’ really mean? If you ask Miss Svenson on the street, she probably answers: “Yes, but you know, like gadgets, pillows, sofas, candles, etc.” But there is so much more! After 1½ years behind the scenes here on the blog, I, Jon, have come up with my own description. I define the word as follows:

Interior design: (subst.) A form of interior art, where a decor architect or other person acting as an interior designer uses various furniture, paint, gadgets and other objects to decorate and furnish a living room or other interior.

People usually decorate houses and homes, offices, shops and hotels, but furnishings are really everywhere. Furnishings are available in all environments we live in, although many lack style and design. It makes us feel either good or bad and controls our whole mood much more than we think. According to the Chinese teaching of Feng Shui, the interior and the environment we stay in are the most important thing. The doctrine also says that the colors we choose in each room affect health completely. So it is important to find the right decor with the right color scheme to get both a home and a soul in the right balance.

Here we go through some of the most important interior types and styles that are available as well as, furniture tips for all different rooms.

The Home decor term

By the word ‘interior design’ or home interior design in general, we usually mean decor, furniture, gadgets and color in the home. Home furnishings have several subcategories for specific rooms in the home: bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. The definition of home furnishings is broad because virtually all physical objects can be considered as furnishings in a home. This also applies to wallpaper and floors, which can of course be available in different shapes and designs

The idea with decor and design in the home is that you should decorate your home to your own taste. Home furnishings are directed as it is called to the home and have nothing to do with public environments.

Home staging companies (also called home stylists) decorate homes for sale, with a stylish but often neutral taste so that the home can achieve the highest possible sale price.

Office interiors

Since most office workers spend more than 1,500 hours in the office each year, the office environment is extremely important. The desk and chair must be ergonomically adapted to each employee and the entire office environment must be inspiring. Meeting rooms can also be optimized for increased well-being.

The customer’s and the client’s first impression of an office or workplace plays a major role in the company’s overall impression. Investing in the right design, furniture and gadgets in the reception area can be the difference between deal or no deal. With the right office furnishings, everyone feels better at work and productivity increases.

How do I find the right desk for the office?

Measuring for the desktop is most important

Once you have decided where to place your new desk, it’s time to start measuring. Take a tape measure and start measuring, then write down the measurements width, length and diameters. Measuring for a desk is very similar to measuring to buy a new sofa. Be super careful that all measurements fit perfectly with the desk you are going to take home.

Imagine the disappointment if you buy the wrong table and it does not fit in the room, where you want it to be. Another important factor is to find a desk chair that will match your desk. If you already have a suitable chair, try to see how that chair will fit with your new desk, both ergonomically and stylistically. You want to make sure your desk and chair match.

The final sum is to measure the space for the new desk is A and O.

Choose a special desktop style

When choosing a desktop style, there are 3 questions to ask yourself: What should you use your desktop for?
to? What is the style of the decor in the room and will the desk match the decor? What type of desk is perfect for your needs?

Answering these three questions is the key to choosing the best style for your desk. It is most important to think about how to use the desktop. Some people use desks for work only and therefore they need larger desks. Some people instead use desks for games / play and their needs are thus different.

The style of the room where your desk will be in is another important point. This allows you to choose the perfect desk design that fits well with your decor. Failure to do so may ruin the decor of your room. Combining all these factors with what you have in mind can limit (and facilitate) the search for the perfect desk.

Small details make a big difference

Some small but important things should also be considered are the desk details. Including the type of material
desk, along with accessories. Maybe you need a special desk lamp on your desk, which matches the desk and the rest of the decor in the room. Another thing is that some people prefer desks with wheels. This is especially good because it allows you to be flexible and move around the desk at home. Why not decorate your desk with some beautiful paintings or flowers? This provides a more glamorous home workplace and gives more work ethic.

Inspiration for the Home Office: Office Decor: Stylish Home Offices

Shop interiors

Since sales are enormously affected by a store’s layout and design, a store’s appearance must reflect the company’s vision, brands, status and ideals. An electronics chain, for example, has completely different design needs compared to a store that sells designer clothes. The interior of a store must above all showcase the products in a selling and attractive way. This means that decorating fashion stores is very different from the decor in e.g. electronics chains. Precisely because the goods are displayed in completely different ways. The powder when decorating stores is also put a lot on stock and storage, to easily find in a mass number of products.

Stylists who work with shop fittings usually work according to the following plan: Brief and needs analysis, design of concepts, purchase of furniture / gadgets and / or design of new prototypes, delivery and assembly.

Hotel interiors

A hotel must be well designed for guests to enjoy. The entrance, the reception, the bedroom, the bathroom, the bar and other common areas – all contribute to an overall impression for the hotel guest. Of course, there are many different styles, from classic, to modern, budget, stylish, minimalist and luxurious. The design must match potential desired guests, the hotel’s location, vision, reputation, etc.

Hotel interiors divided into different areas and here are which:

Hotel lobby: The lobby is the first impression a customer gets of the hotel on arrival. Therefore, it is extra important that the hotel lobby is clean, warm and welcoming. The interior of the lobby should be stylish, clean and eye-catching to impress the guests. Avoid too many patterns and colors that make guests flee rather than want to sleep over. Think home styling when you decorate a hotel lobby, it should be an interior design style that suits all types of people.

Hotel rooms: The hotel room is of course the most important space where guests should be able to relax and sleep well. It is best to decorate the hotel room in muted pleasant colors on the fabric. And have smartly placed lighting with dimmer for both cosiness and reading as well as work during the day.

Hotel restaurant and relaxation area: There is always some common space for guests to socialize and spend time outside their rooms in modern hotels. Here, hotels can take the opportunity to take in a little extra in the hotel interior. Show off the hotel’s personal décor and furnish guests so that guests quickly feel at home.

Hotel bathroom: The bathroom in the hotel should be stylishly decorated without too colorful pompous whims. However, it can be nice to decorate the bathroom with some beautifully patterned wet room wallpaper or precious art. What many hotel guests like is a good shower such as a raindrop shower, so worth adding extra powder to these details.

Summary – what is interiors

This concludes my report. I hope you have learned something new and realized that interior design at home and in public environments plays a bigger role than we think! We here at Inredningsvis do our best to spread interior design inspiration on a daily basis and tell you how to decorate your home both luxuriously and budget-friendly.

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