Top 10 bästa badplatser i sverige

Top 10 best swimming places in Sweden

Are you looking for the best swimming places in Sweden? Then you can stop looking because here we have gathered Sweden’s absolutely best swimming, well places worth visiting more than once. There are so many beautiful bathing pearls around Sweden. Many people do not know everyone either as they are a bit hidden. I who write remember a super cozy bathing place by Lake Vänern when I was a child. It is called Sjövik and the bathing place is located when you drive quite far into a gravel road. This is not a long sandy beach but just a small cozy rock bathing spot.

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For everyone who is looking for lovely long sandy beaches, we have made the top 10 best swimming places in Sweden that you only have to visit once. You will also find several child-friendly sandy beaches of all the ones we have selected.

10 best swimming places in Sweden


Tylesand – Halmstad

Tylesand has been selected as Sweden’s best beach. It is also the mecca of all brats and Tylesand is a summer must visit at some point. Tylesand sandy beach is 40 km long and it is of course possible to find a smaller crowded part of the beach, as it is so long. There is some warning for mega parties around the beach in July. If you want a quiet and peaceful holiday then this may not be the best place. For the rest of you, rock on!

Varberg – Apelviken bathing place

I start with the beloved seaside town of Varberg! Just because I myself live in Gothenburg and often visit this little gem to the city. For everyone who has not visited Varberg, you just HAVE to go there. It is magically beautiful surroundings with the sea, the beaches and lush rural natural environments.

Apelviken is an area near Varberg city where you can swim, sunbathe on the beach, cycle, camp and visit the historic Varberg spa. What is so cozy about Varberg is that you get everything you want on a vacation in one place. There is plenty of other things to do, of course, than swimming. Stroll around town and why not visit the cozy Café Kasett, they have baked at least.

No summer without having visited Varberg clearly so go there with you :)


Gotland – Sudersand’s sandy beach

The beautiful sandy beach on Gotland called Sudersand, has been named one of Sweden’s five best beaches. The beach is miles long and more reminiscent of Ibiza in Spain, than in Sweden. In July, of course, it is crowded with tourists and then especially messy Stockholmers on the beach. I suggest you instead go there at the end of August and September, then you can enjoy more of the peace by the sea.

Österlen – Rörum / Knäbäckshusen

The long, white beaches around Stenshuvudger tropical give a Caribbean feel. Part of the secret lies in the lush greenery that in some places even hangs down and provides cozy shade by the beach. Rörum’s beach is by far one of Skåne’s most beautiful beaches. Stenshuvud gives character to the coastline in the north and an impression of a Mediterranean beach, Wonderful sweet Österlen.

Skåne – Skanör / Falsterbo

This bathing spot is an old classic and should be seen at least once. The water is crystal clear and above the dunes are small picturesque bathing cabins in pastel colors. The small town also offers many nice houses to admire and a cozy harbor walk. Skåne in general is only the best in the summer. You get more Mediterranean vibes than Swedish living areas :)

Piteå – Pite sea bath

We go to the other end of the country and Norrland. Here we find the ancient Pite Havsbad, also called Norrlands Riviera. This bathing place can be compared to the beaches abroad and the beach has fine-grained sand, is shallow and child-friendly. Here is also one of Norrbotten’s two naturist baths. Pite havsbad also has one of Europe’s largest facilities for hotels, conferences and activities.

Öland – Böda sand

We head to Öland and the beautiful beach, Böda sand. Böda Sand is a must if you want to have an idyllic Öland holiday and suits most people. On Öland’s 20 km long and crisp white sandy beach, you will find all unimaginable forms of people. This beach thus gives a bit of the continental feel and is a must if you are going to visit Öland this summer.

Falkenberg – Skrea beach

We go back to halland where we started this bathing list. Near Varberg is the cozy Falkenberg and Skrea beach which is one of Halland’s finest and most popular beaches. This sandy beach is approx. 2 km long and has high dunes all the way. Here is also the famous bathing jetty which is a full 250 meters long. In summer there is a rich selection of kiosks and restaurants by the beach.

We also recommend visiting Falkenberg Strandbad SPA which is a beautiful spa facility near the sea and the beach.

Ystad – Sandhammaren

Back to beautiful Skåne and here you will find Sandhammaren beach. Sandhammaren is located on adorable beautiful Österlen and is by far Skåne’s by far most popular beaches. The beach has also been voted several times as Sweden’s best beach, for its fine-grained sand and vast length.

WARNING: However, we give a warning if you, for example, are going to swim with children. The fact that Sandhammaren is located on the easternmost tip of the south coast and the currents in the water can therefore be strong and dangerous. Be extra careful when bathing here and it is a good idea to always go out and swim back.

Gothenburg – Brännö Husvik

I end with an untipped bathing place at my nice hometown Gothenburg. I have to tell you to visit Brännö and Husvik baths there. There is absolutely no long perfect sandy beach. But still cozy as it is classic Bohuslän cliffs. The bath is located on beautiful Brännö about 25 minutes from Gothenburg. The island itself is well worth a visit with cozy houses, cafes, a beautiful nature reserve to walk on and of course classic “dance on Brännö bridge”

TIP: Visit café Varvet when you are on Brännö. It is a bohemian cozy place in the middle of an old boatyard.

The Brännö Husvik bath is magically beautiful!

FAQ bathing places:

What counts as a public bathing spot?

A swimming beach is any beach used for swimming. A bathing beach can thus be a beach without jetties and nearby parking. A beach bath usually means a longer cohesive beach by the sea or a lake that is well visited.

Where is good swimming on the West Coast?
Stocken CampingStocken. Cozy family camping on Orust’s west coast.
Hafsten ResortUddevalla. …
Find a cold bath in southern Bohuslän. …
Svanesund bathing area Svanesund. …
Småholmarna badplatsHenån. …
The lock’s bathing place The lock. …
Nordön’s bathing place Nordön. …
Stockeviks bathing placeStockevik.
Which is Sweden’s largest beach?

Böda Sand! If you are also used to rocks and skerries, you will be amazed at how such a white and sandy sandy beach like this can be located in Sweden. Böda Sand is by far Sweden’s longest sandy beach and stretches a full 20 km.

We hope you will find your favorite bathing place from this post and get many long nice baths this summer :)

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