A Swedish Classic: Little red cottage







This week is a tribute to the last days of Summer.

What would a Swedish Summer be without the classic little red cottage, or “stuga” in Swedish. Sweden has a real love affair with red cottages with white trims. I’ve noticed that many of you who live abroad are very interested in Swedish culture. I think this is great, and am more than happy to show you the tastiest parts of our Swedish Summer sweets :) In the future, I’d love to have a little red cottage far away in no-mans-land where I can escape the stress and noise of the city. It would be even better with a pier nearby, so that you could just go down and take a dip in the lake :)

A red Swedish cottage is my idea of a perfect Summer place. What’s yours??

PS. Don’t miss my Guest Inspiration this week – a guaranteed exciting post from one of my favourite bloggers :)


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