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Outdoor kitchen inspiration

Time for some lovely outdoor kitchen inspiration! Summer is a time for outdoor time and many long wonderful barbecue evenings. Outdoor kitchens have therefore increased in popularity in recent years. An outdoor kitchen is basically a smaller kitchen that is similar to the kitchen indoors, but that works outdoors during the summer. It is also possible to draw water and electricity to the outdoor kitchen, which then increases its functionality even more. Feel free to match the outdoor kitchen with a barbecue and you have the perfect patio for partying and enjoying balmy summer evenings.

Just the thought of an outdoor kitchen arouses inspiration and triggers creativity and thought activity. Maybe it’s because an outdoor kitchen fulfills many functions and has so many possibilities. For example, you should be clear about how you intend to use the kitchen. Will there need to be access to running water? What type of grill do you want? Here we will list some of these possibilities and benefits, and take a closer look at how you do to complete the outdoor kitchen you have always dreamed of!

Outdoor kitchen inspiration & tips

There is a lot to think about before you start carpentry in your outdoor kitchen.

What are the benefits of an outdoor kitchen?

Cooking outdoors
No food indoors
Easier to serve

The list can be long, but here are some of the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen. Above all, it becomes easier to socialize when you have an outdoor kitchen. It becomes more natural that everyone is helped and the serving itself becomes easier, as you do not have to run back and forth to the kitchen.

As a guest, you generally feel more comfortable rummaging around in an outdoor kitchen than opening and closing kitchen drawers in the regular kitchen. It is also an advantage that you do not have to worry about food that stays in the home for a long time.

What should you have in an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can be constructed in many different ways. Here, as I said, we will try to give some inspiration for outdoor kitchens, which is why we will address several different options. The first thing you need in an all type of outdoor kitchen is of course a cooking surface. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of driving this surface too small.

Once you start using your outdoor kitchen and invite guests, you realize that the work space is too small to accommodate most happy cooking amateurs. Therefore, make sure that the work surface is large in size.

Some choose to integrate the grill into the work surface itself. The advantage of this is of course that it is quick and easy to move food between the work surface and the grill. But this is not a must. It is just as well to have the grill separately and focus on making a work surface with a good stand for spices and utensils.

Feel free to add a cabinet under the workbench itself. You can never get too little storage space. Maybe you want to be able to defend a special tableware outdoors, for example, so that you do not have to go into the house every time you have to set the table? Then it is perfect to place it under the bench in a cupboard.

What countertops can you use in an outdoor kitchen?

When it comes to countertops for outdoor kitchens, there is a lot of inspiration to be found. Here you need to think completely differently from when choosing a worktop for the kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is exposed to weather and wind, so you should focus on finding a stone countertop.

Granite is a common material choice for countertops for outdoor kitchens. The granite is good for weather and wind and lasts a long time. In terms of price, this stone is very well placed as well, but above all it is nice! A stylish worktop sets the standard for your outdoor kitchen and is among the first things you see when you look at the kitchen for the first time.

How to decorate an outdoor kitchen?

The actual decoration of the outdoor kitchen is highly individual. Some want it as bare as possible, while some want to spruce it up properly. Keep in mind that weather and wind will be able to destroy finer furnishings. But if you have a roof over your outdoor kitchen, there are of course greater opportunities.

Spices and herbs are an obvious element in the leafy outdoor kitchen. They liven up the outdoor kitchen, while you can enjoy snatching spices directly from your pots when cooking. Some nice, large pots next to the outdoor kitchen with beautiful flowers in, help to frame your outdoor kitchen.

Buy an outdoor rug and place it in your outdoor kitchen. Then you reinforce the feeling that this is a space intended for cooking.

Should you have running water in your outdoor kitchen?

Running water in the outdoor kitchen makes a big difference when it comes to convenience. You will be amazed at how many times you will have to run into the house if you choose not to have running water. Just such a simple thing as rinsing a tomato, gets complicated without running water.

In addition, the outdoor kitchen becomes even more of a kitchen if you can have a nice kitchen mixer and a sink next to your worktop. Then you have laid the foundation for a really nice outdoor kitchen!

Wood is trendy this year and so also among the outdoor kitchens!

This corner outdoor kitchen is perfect for the small patio and small balcony!

As you can see, there are many different reasons to get an outdoor kitchen this summer. It is both a stylish and practical solution to get a culinary patio. You can next say that with an outdoor kitchen, the patio gets a bit of the restaurant feeling outdoors. There you can try different dishes and have parties until late at night. I hope you liked this outdoor kitchen inspiration and special tips and that you will find just your dream outdoor kitchen in this post.

It is also nice to match the outdoor furniture with the appearance of the outdoor kitchen to get a perfect patio in balance.

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