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Home jobs are becoming more and more popular and many go from sitting in the kitchen and working to decorating their own home offices. Decorating the home office like the rest of the interior design at home is also popular. What many people forget, however, is how important the work environment itself is. Even if you decorate with stylish desks and ergonomic chairs, you need to remember that an office building also has a completely different air conditioning and lighting than what we have at home.

Here we will therefore focus on what you can do with your home office to make the air as good as possible and how you should think so that the working day will be pleasant for you. Namely, there are some new smart solutions to this problem that we will go through.

We work many hours a day and if we spend all that time in our own homes, we need to be assured that we are getting the fresh air that we are used to getting in the workplace.

Clean the air with ozone

A new product that has taken the market by storm is what goes under the category of ozone generators. With the help of a small amount of ozone, you freshen the air and also furniture and furnishings that often accumulate bacteria and bad odors.

Because ozone is a gas, it can get into spaces that are otherwise difficult to access when cleaning. It is particularly effective if you have a bad smell that is smoldering somewhere in the home. It can be anything from some old dirt that ended up under the dishwasher, to pure moisture damage that causes a musty smell. An ozone generator accesses the smell regardless of where it comes from.

Different types of ozone generators

There are two types of ozone generators. There are those that are made to be left on in the home and constantly make the air clean and fresh to breathe. These work like a regular air conditioner, but they use ozone in small amounts to clean the air.

The second type of ozone generator is the more powerful one, where you need to evacuate the home before starting and cleaning. These ozone generators have much more ozone and therefore it is not good to stay in the home while the machine is working. After the generator is finished, you need to wait a little while before you can enter the room or home again.

An ozone generator is perfect to have at home if you want the very latest and make sure you have a working environment where you breathe fresh and clean air, without any strange smells.

That’s why plants are so good

Plants in the home are good for many different reasons. But for you who work at home, these reasons become even stronger. It is because plants make us feel better. They are nice to look at and they simply make us happier. A faint scent of nature can do wonders for the mind.

But above all, plants create fresher air for your home office. So make sure to decorate with lots of plants and why not some flowers too? Then you get a few more scents to have fun with during the working day.

Many jobs today can seem a bit gray and dreary. So take the opportunity to give your office color and life as compensation!

Common questions and answers about decorating a home office

As I said, many people are furnishing their own home offices and it has really picked up speed after the corona pandemic, when many of us went from office jobs to home jobs. Here we answer some of the most common questions about interior design and home offices.

How important is air conditioning in a home office?

To get through a full working day in your home office, you need the same fresh air as in a real office building. In the summer, you can open a window, but make sure you have good air conditioning in your home office.

Does the employer have any work environment responsibility when working from home?

Yes, the employer has a work environment responsibility even when you work from home. However, not many companies today work actively with this and it is often up to the individual to ensure that the Work Environment Act is complied with.

What is important to buy for the home office?

When decorating a home office, you should first focus on purchasing the most important things. You must have an ergonomic chair that is comfortable to sit on and that is good for your neck and back. You must have good lighting so that you do not have to strain your eyes. Last but not least, you must have good air to breathe during the working day.

Summary – home office interior design

Now we’ve gone through the latest in home office decor. Maybe you’ve also gotten to thinking about what you should prioritize when decorating an office at home. Maybe the most important thing is not to have the most expensive and nicest desk? Instead of having the freshest air, the most beautiful plants, the most ergonomic chair, etc.

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