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How to create an Inspiring fab Workspace

Having a calm and relaxing environment plays a huge role in enhancing your moods and productivity. So what are some of the ways you can create an inspiring workspace? Find out.

Almost a third of your life is spent at work. While in the office, you are expected to be social, creative, and productive. Your office design hugely influences your thinking and feeling. You may have tried to secure the window seat at work or add some color to the walls at some point. This shows just how your mood is affected in different environments.

One thing that employers should remember is that employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want a pleasant experience. Therefore, giving them a chance to decorate their office space goes a long way to provide them with more fulfillment at work. The result is a better company culture and huge savings.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you can create a positive impact at work. Here are some ideas to consider when decorating your office.

Pop up the Colors

You need not go overboard to bring life to your workspace. Instead, consider pairing your sleek, simple desk with minimalist accessories with a bold yet miniature piece of art or wall mural to make a serious statement. Doing so also adds color to your space. Want to further increase the calmness of your workday? Try decorating with purples, grays, soft pinks, greens, and blues to give your workspace a Zen vibe.

Catch the Wanderlust

When your days are ever punctuated with never-ending meetings and correspondences, it might be impossible to create time to explore your favorite cities and beaches. However, you don’t have to worry as you can bring all your favorite places to your workspace. Once in a while, you can always escape into them. Give your space some beachy vibe with weathered wood, a mini palm, or cane furniture. Alternatively, you could pay homage to your favorite city with drawings of its renowned architectural structures or must-see sites. Remember, being stuck physically at work doesn’t mean your mind can’t wander!

Plants or Flowers Always Do the Trick

One thing is for sure–you can never go wrong with a small plant or a bunch of flowers. It could be a succulent, fake plant, or fresh flowers. With their bubbly energy, all these great options will help steer your office clear of any cold. Also, consider housing your plants in pleasant-looking planters. Warm colors never lie.

In addition, if a plant looks so good on your desk, it never hurts to get more and more. Just remember to water it if it is real. Also, if your office doesn’t receive sufficient sunlight, consider getting a fake plant that will survive nevertheless.

Organize Your Space

It isn’t good to pile a lot of things in your workspace. Always remember to keep your floor space and desk surface free of papers, books, and clutter of any kind. Ensure that your workstation allows easy entry and exit and functions perfectly for standing and sitting.

Comfort Is Key

When decorating your office, the first consideration shouldn’t be aesthetics but functionality. In the spirit, consider getting a good chair with appropriate height and size. For your desk chair, you might want to invest in a comfy butt or back pillow and a throw blanket to ensure you work comfortably. This also presents a perfect opportunity to incorporate patterns and colors that you love, and that can add some personality to your space.

Use the Right Lighting

Overhead fluorescent lighting in many office spaces tends to be brutal and unwelcoming. Create a better space by adding a desk lamp. The softer lighting ensures you can clearly see what you are doing. It also creates a warm vibe, giving the office a homey feel.

Put a Few Photos

Why not throw in a few photos of your pet or loved ones? This could greatly transform your desk. However, to maintain some taste, keep the limit at three. Remember, you are the office, and your focus should be on productivity.


You could also include functional yet personalized items to your style.

Consider the following:

  • Using a fancy mug or vintage giant jar as a pencil case
  • Putting your paper clips in an attractive bowl
  • Storing business cards in an antique box
  • Use colorful ceramic planters for your plants
  • Getting a vase for fresh-cut flowers
  • Using a bin or basket as a phone charging point
  • Bringing in customized mugs for tea or coffee at your desk

Tips for Decorating a Home Office

If you are one of those people that work remotely, then you must set up a home office. Here are some tips that will help you decorate your new workspace.

Be Keen on Location

You are going to spend several hours in your home office, so it is important that you place it in a space you’d enjoy being in. Also, pay attention to traffic flow and your capacity to withstand distractions. For example, are you most productive in a buzzy place, or do you love your quiet? Also, if there is a chance of clients coming over, consider a private space with ample seating.

Don’t Forego Form for Function

Before purchasing functional and beautiful office furniture, survey your workflow and take notes of everything you’ll require. Your home furniture should complement the rooms in your home. For instance, if your house is stacked with traditional décor, it’d be best to invest in soft, comfy chairs and warm wood. Throw in a loveseat if there’s still space. A contemporary office could feature modern metal furniture or artistic pieces.

Create a View

It’d help to locate your desk where you can stare at something more interesting than solid walls. Of course, a space with a window is ideal, but if your space has no window, you can always hang a good picture on your desk or position your chair to face the door.

Go For Homey Accessories

Unless you want to achieve a contemporary look, always go for extras that make your home office feel comfy. Such accessories include sticky notes, trendy notepads, and decorative waste baskets. You could also wrap your bulletin board using a gorgeous fabric and conceal utilitarian bookshelves behind curtains of the same material.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Decorate an Office?

The cost of decorating your ‘office space may vary depending on your budget and the existing essentials. For some, a home office simply comprises a desk and office chair, while for others, it means custom cabinets, file drawers, and media organizers.

How Can I Decorate a Small Office to Look Bigger?

Want your office to appear bigger? Here are some tips:

  • Use light colors on the walls
  • Ensure there is enough natural light
  • Place mirrors strategically
  • Consider using multifunctional furniture
  • Use vertical space for storage
  • Limit clutter

Which Colors Shall I Use for the Home Office?

Having the best paint colors is key to creating a successful scheme. Experts recommend using yellow greens and beige greens for a home office as they are the most stress-reducing shades. Besides, they make a perfect neutral background for art display.



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