Top 4 medelhavskryssning resor i europa

Top 4 Mediterranean Cruise line travels

Are you thinking of going on a Mediterranean Cruise line trips? Imagine the clear, fresh water of Santorini or the rich historical sites in Athens. Perhaps, the romantic vibe of France and Rome. You can reach all these places when you go on a
Mediterranean Cruise travel. People consider the Mediterranean to be the standard destination for cruises. Due to the
immense culture of the countries in the region, the breathtaking sights, and the incredible food. But when should you cruise the Mediterranean, and what are the best cruises?

Let’s dive into the world of Mediterranean cruises and discover the best cruises to take.

The best time of the year to sail the Mediterranean

Due to the warm weather, summer is one of the most popular times to go to the Mediterranean.
The interval between peak and low season, between April and May and September and
October, is preferred by many savvy cruisers.

If you decide to take a cruise in the summer, keep in mind that August is a popular holiday
month in Europe. Going in August might imply that several restaurants, stores, and tourist sites
will be closed during your stay. Although August is a popular month for Mediterranean cruises,
this period could still work for pro-travelers. It isn’t ideal if you’re a first-time traveler who wants
to experience everything.

If you don’t like the extreme heat, think about traveling to the Mediterranean in the seasons of
October through April. But don’t be surprised if it rains in November or March.

Experience the divine Mediterranean

Mediterranean cruises stop at contemporary cities and historic locations, charming towns and
castle forts, significant historical and religious monuments, lovely beach hideaways, and
intriguing markets.

It is ideal for first-time cruisers, but you’ll also run into tourists who return year after year since
there is so much to see in this enormous area of Europe.
Cruises may prefer ships traveling through the eastern Mediterranean call in Turkish ports like
Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Bodrum, as well as at Greek Islands, the Black Sea, and Italian and
Croatian Adriatic shores. Piraeus (for Athens), in Greece; Istanbul, in Turkey; and Venice, in
Italy, are the principal embarkation ports.

Others are more interested in taking the Western Mediterranean cruises that make stops in
Spain, Italy, and France. Occasionally, it docks at Morocco, Tunisia, Gibraltar, and the Canary
Islands. Barcelona, Spain; Genoa, and Italy. Sometimes even Southampton, Dover, or Harwich
in the United Kingdom are all possible embarkation locations.

Let’s jump in and go through the top 4 Mediterranean cruise lines.

1. Norwegian Cruise

Mediterranean cruisers consider the Norwegian Cruise the best cruise to give you the best
value for your money.
The ship named: “Norwegian Epic” sails from Barcelona, Spain, for seven nights and docks in
Naples, Rome, and Livorno in Italy. It stops along the way in the famous port of Cannes and

Palma de Mallorca.

The Norwegian Epic is one of the most popular Mediterranean cruises, and it offers plenty of
amenities to ensure your time aboard is truly epic. It features several entertainment options,
such as live shows.
There is also a broad range of lodging options available, including studios for lone travelers,
family rooms, and spa suites.

2. Celebrity Cruise

Next on the list is Celebrity Cruises. It is the best new ship that sails to the Mediterranean.
Celebrity Cruise operates a ship named Celebrity Edge. It cruises from Rome, Italy, and travels
for ten nights with stops on Civitavecchia, Messina, and Naples in Italy; Santorini, Athens,
Mykonos, Rhodes, Chania, and Crete in Greece.
The Celebrity Edge is one of the newest cruises sailing the Mediterranean. Because it is a
brand-new cruise, it has everything you could ask for and more, from a rooftop garden where
you can enjoy a drink while gazing at the surrounding ocean and a theater.

3. Viking Ocean Cruises

The third top Mediterranean Cruise on this list is the Viking Ocean Cruises. The ship is
beautifully bright and clean, with a modern Scandinavian design. Since it is a large ship, it
doesn’t get crowded.

Viking offers several Mediterranean sailings that stop at different ports. Thanks to
destination-focused itineraries and a complimentary shore excursion in every port, you’ll learn
more about destinations like Florence, Italy, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Athens, Greece, and Monte
Carlo during your journey. Booking a “cruise extension” before or after your trip will allow you to
prolong your time in Europe.

4. Seabourn Cruise Line

Another top Mediterranean cruise line is Seabourn Cruise Line. Cruisers who experienced
sailing with it said that when cruising to locations like Malta and Santorini, they enjoy the
grandness and abundance of onboard facilities offered by Seabourn’s ships, which include
gourmet cuisine, culinary art experiences, elegant pools, and live music venues.

Crowding isn’t an issue as it only accommodates 600 passengers, and all beverages and meals
served on board are complimentary.

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