Malaga: Instagram inspiration images

A picture says a thousand words so here are a few thousand in the form of a mega-insta-inspiration from our Malaga holiday…

1 Malaga beach

2 Malaga sun blue beach

3 Malaga inredningsvis beach

4 Malaga buildings

5 Malaga art

6 Malaga varied

7 picasso

8 Malaga chokladkaka

A must try before you die! :) If you only visit one restaurant in Malaga, this is the place “La Plaza”

9 Malaga pink scooter

9.1 Malaga hus

10 Malaga cat

My meeting with a cute, black, Malaga cat :)

10.1 Malaga toilet

I found this beautiful queen-like furniture in a rest room….only in Spain :)

11 Malaga inredning

Spanish decor with a luxurious and classy feeling

12 Malaga bull fighting ring

As I mentioned in my previous post, Malaga is certainly a city of contrasts, with both beautiful fashionable city blocks and broken down slum areas where poverty is never far away. The artist Picasso was born in Malaga and it shows, as his presence is noticeable in all parts of town.

I can definitely recommend that you hire a bike if you go to Malaga. We cycled a whole day along the wonderful beach front from Muello Uno to Rincon De La Victoria. We stopped at many places, including a wonderful little restaurant by the sea and ate an amazing lunch in the sun.

We walked around the town on the days when it was sunny and took in the Spanish atmosphere. On our last day, I ate absolutely the best restaurant meal I’ve had for years. The restaurant is called La Plaza and the chocolate cake as a dessert was a complete taste orgasm :)

It can be cold in Spain in the Winter, so make sure you take a jacket and a warm sweater if you travel there during Winter. Malaga leaves noone unmoved and I can warmly recommend a visit in this art-inspired Spanish city pearl.

Con Amor M

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