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Hi. My name is Maria, and I am addicted to…cushions :) I can’t go into a furniture store without having checked out all of the decorative cushions on all of the sofas and shelves. The problem is that there are far too many cushions to choose from and way too many beautiful shades of pink.

A while ago I was thinking of sewing a new pink silk cushion for the sofa but choosing the exact right colour was hard. I went to and from the fabric shop and asked the patient shop assistant time and again for fabric samples. In the end I had enough samples that I could’ve sewn a whole cushion with them! :)

This addiction to cushions is I believe a typical feminine phenomena (despite gender equality). Show me a man that will ever understand the point in something that takes up extra space in the sofa and hides the TV remote control :)

hm home

Give them to meeee :)



Pillows and tea party…the perfect match :)



To all of you cushion-addicts out there, this is how you sew your own hot decorative cushion…enjoy! :)

The material you use should depend upon where your cushion will be used and how. Washable fabrics are great for outdoor use – certain fabrics must be dry cleaned.
My new favourite cushion is one that has different fabrics on either side. You can turn it around if you get tired of one of them.

How to make a decorative cushion 50×50:

  • Cut squares in the fabric(s) of your choice at 52x52cm.
  • Lay 2 corners together and sew around with a 1cm seam – leave an opening for the cushion filling. Or, sew in a zip first, and then sew around.
  • Put in the cushion filling – preferably made of down so that it is fluffy and soft.

VOILA… a new little masterpiece to brighten up a boring sofa is born :)


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