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Lilac Obsession

If you follow inredningsvis on instagram, you’ve probably noticed my obsession for lilacs right now. I can not walk past these fragrant shrubs without immediately photographing from all angles. Therefore, I have matched lilacs with furnishings in this post to show that the lilac colour works equally well indoors and outdoors. The only negative thing about lilac bushes is that they blossom for a very short time :(

I can warmly recommend you to pick out some lilac sprigs to make the whole house smell of Spring. OR make a beautiful lilac sugar. Here is a recipe to help you conserve the lilac feeling throughout the year…

Lilac Sugar:

Take fine grained sugar and mix together with lilac flowers from 1-2 bunches in a glass jar. Let the mix air in a cupboard for a few weeks. The flowers will dry and darken. Pour the sugar through a colander to sift out the flowers…Voila.

Simple and tasty and perfect to sprinkle over Summer pie before you bake it, or why not make homemade ice cream with vanilla and lilac flavour mmmm :)

Have a nice week!

LOVE Miss lilac-vis :)

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