5 danska slott du bara måste besöka

5 Danish castles you just have to visit

In Denmark , there are plenty of beautiful castles that offer accommodation and good food. Now we are going to list 5 castles in Denmark that you really must visit sometime!

Many Danish castles offers, everything from theater, to guided tours and concerts are organized. The castles are nice to visit in both summer and winter. It is possible to spend a cozy weekend  at castles in Denmark around Christmas,  just like we do at our Swedish castles, with Christmas food and other wonderful activities.


Is probably the most famous castle in Denmark! It is also close to Copenhagen, so you just can’t miss it if you visit the Danish capital.

Frederiksborg was founded in the early 17th century by King Christian IV. It is also the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia, and it is known for having the best of Renaissance architecture and craftsmanship. Throughout the 17th century, Frederiksborg Castle was often used as a royal residence, for example by Frederik VII in the 1850s.

A large fire totally destroyed the castle in the 1800 century. But it was later on rebuilt by J. C. Jacobsen, the owner of Carlsbergsbryggerierna. The castle chapel survived the fire totally and look the same today as it did on Christian IV’s time.


This Renaissance castle located on Zealand, closer tohome in Elsinore, is an obvious destination for those who want to experience a classic Danish castle. Kronborg Castle is also popularly known as Hamlet Castle, as William Shakespeare’s world-famous play about Hamlet is set in a castle in Elsinore.

The castlehas a large and beautiful castle courtyard where theatres and concerts are arranged. Here you can of course see sets of Hamlet, but also much more.

The castle does not offer accommodation but there are plenty of nice hotels to choose from in Helsingborg.

Holckenhavn Castle

In Nyborg you will find the fantastically beautiful Holckenhavn Castle! It offers both accommodation and a nice restaurant in true Renaissance style. The castle organizes everything from weddings to conferences, concerts and other events. If you planto visit this castle, we recommend that you contact the castle well in advance and check if there are available rooms.

Holckenhavn Castle has a rich history and began to be built as early as the 1600s. For those who are interested in history, this castle will notdisappoint you. The castle and the surrounding surroundings have an incredible amount of history to tell.

Nyborg is located on Funen, which is the third largest island in Denmark. Why not take the opportunity to make a visit to Odense?

Dragsholm Castle

Experience one of Denmark’s most haunted castles! If you dare? Dragsholm Castle, which is located on Zealand, was built back in the 1200s and here stay no less than 3 different ghosts – but there are stories about hundreds of ghosts!

Here you can eat well and stay in acosmic castle environment with many beautiful surroundings to walk around. The castle is located on northwestern Zealand and is thus relatively easily accessible if you come by car via Copenhagen.

At Dragsholm Castle you can see one of the more famous ghosts in the world, namely Celestine Mariann de Bayonne Gyldenstierne. As a ghost, she has become better known as Dragsholm’s White Wife. The story of this noblewoman who became a ghost is both brutal and horrible. It is set in the 1500s and is about the woman being walled up in the walls of the castle by her own father, due to becoming pregnant with a stablehand. For many years, the legend of the woman who was now haunting was spread and there were many witness accounts where she was seen walking through the corridors of the castle.

In 1910, something happened that caused the legend to take off again. During a renovation of the castle, the skeleton of a woman was found in one of the walls. Do you dare to visit Dragsholm Castle and sleep among ghosts?

Kokkedal Castle

Do you want to visit a popular castle in Denmark? Then you should visit  the castle that Tripadvisor’s users rank as the best castle hotel in all of Denmark, namely Kokkedal Castle. It has been a hotel here since 2011 and it has become an immensely popular destination for both Danes and foreign tourists.

Here you can enjoy magnificent cooking, comfortable hotel beds and an environment that offers everything from lovely walks to exciting rounds of golf. The castle is located north of Copenhagen and south of Elsinore. It is therefore very easy to get here from Sweden, either via the Öresund Bridge or by ferry across from Helsingborg.

In terms of price, Kokkedal Castle is not very expensive but is in the same price range as many similar castle hotels in Denmark. Well worth a visit if you want to experience livingat a luxurious castle and at the same time be close to Copenhagen.

Vraa Castle

Finally, we would like to recommend Vraa Castle, especially to all families with children. Children do not appreciate as much as us adults, the wings of history, beautiful restaurants and lush surroundings. Therefore, we must find something that also attracts the children.

Vraa Castle is just 20 minutes from the popular adventure park Fårup Sommerland. Perfect to combine overnight stay at a castle hotel with some swimming and adventure for the children.

Slottet is located in the town  of Tylstrup, north of Aalborg. Here there is much more to experience and see in the immediate area.

Frequently asked questions about staying at castles

There are many questions that arise when it comes to accommodation at castles in Danmkark. Here we answer some of the most common ones.

Which castle is suitable for families and children?

For families with children who want to experience accommodation in castles, you should look for what is available in the nearby surroundings. In Denmark, for example, we have Vraa Castle, which is located near Fårup Sommerland.

Can you live in a castle?

Yes, there are many castles that offer accommodation. In some cases, you live in a nearby building or one of the wings, but there are also castles that offer accommodation in the castle building itself.

What castles can you stay at?

It has become increasingly popularto spend a weekend at a castle, which is why more and more castles have also started businesses for hotel and restaurant operations.

Summary – Visiting Danish castles

Denmark has a variety of beautiful castles that conduct hotel business. Here you can experience wonderful interiors and magnificent surroundings. Perfect if you want to get away for a while and get to breathe some fresh air while disconnecting from our modern society.

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