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Wedding Table setting Ideas for Different Themes

Its time for some fantastic Wedding table setting Ideas! A wedding could have the best toasts, flowers and cakes but what guests always remember is the tiny details. A clever way to ensure your wedding stands out is by making your dinner table unique. Whether it is adding amazing centrepieces, creative dishware or detailed menus, a well-thought-out tablescape may be just what you need to take your wedding theme to the top. If you need help beginning, you can experiment with various shapes, colours and textures.

In this article, you’ll find inspiration from different wedding table settings tailored to suit various styles and needs. While going back to age-old decoration is always a good idea, ditching tradition for more contemporary designs is equally great.

Wedding Table setting Ideas

Winter Themed Wedding Tablescaping

You can find some inspiration here if you need help deciding what table setting to select for your winter wedding. The typical colour combo is silver and white. Throw in crystal, glass, and white flowers, and you have your stylish winter-like table. Pine cones, fir branches and white lace will bring a romantic feel to the table, bringing back memories of Christmas. You can also achieve a dramatic look by going for contrasting colours like blue and white or red and white. Remember to bring the candles for a cosy and warm feel.

Colour Combinations

The most common colour combinations for inter weddings are neutrals, white and gold, black and white and burgundy and gold. Try black and rock grey with a touch of white and greenery for a moody feel. Highlight the colours with blooms and linens.

Table Décor

The basics of winter wedding décor include pinecones, evergreens, cinnamon, blooms and greenery. Make evergreen and berry runners, wood slice placemats and rock floral centrepieces.

Can You Use Metallics for a Winter-Themed Wedding Tablescape?

Yes, metallic candleholders, napkins and some gilded touches such as pinecones give your tablescape a feel of festivity and elegance. You should, however, be careful when decorating with metallics, as overdoing them could result in tasteless looks.


Garden Themed Wedding Tablescaping

Outdoor weddings are often highlighted with lush pastures backed with vibrant blossoms. Because weather plays a key role in the planning of a garden-themed wedding, it is only reasonable that you settle on a beautiful and practical venue. For the chairs, decorate with real blossoms. Besides bringing a pop of colour, flowers diffuse their pleasant scents throughout the space.

Colour Schemes

If you have decided on a colour scheme for the entire event, consider it while selecting table décor too. Pastels are known to exude romance, so they are never a bad idea. You can also go for jewel tones and colourful tablescapes. Because style is important in a wedding tablescape, most people prefer a more refined and vintage look. It may include vintage cutlery, sophisticated placemats and gold edge glasses. However, you can always opt for a modern look. Items like solid colour plates, placemats and simple cutlery would go well with your modern garden wedding look.

Table Décor

The main component of a garden wedding tablescape is the blooms. It is therefore important that you pay attention to them. Opt for a table runner, lush floral garland, or an overhead floral installation. You could select gorgeous lush blooms of various types but with a common colour palette. This gives your venue an eye-catchy and textural look. As for fabrics, go for pastel or neutral linens. You could also throw in a table runner or moss tablecloth. Summer garden tablescapes may include at the right of the table or in the centrepieces. To complete this look, thin and tall candles are a necessity. For the cutlery, anything goes. From modern and edgy to magical and vintage, there are many options to choose from.

Pro Tips

  • Neutral hues
  • Bold bloom centrepieces
  • White blooms and greenery
  • Tall candles


Modern Themed Wedding Tablescaping

Vintage style is slowly fading, and more people are shifting to modern and minimalist wedding décor. This décor is marked with elegance, timelessness and chicness. So, how do you effortlessly pull off such décor?

Here are some ideas for an exciting and welcoming modern wedding table setting.

Colour Schemes

Modern décor is all about monochrome. So consider tan, beige, white, cream and other like colours. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different colours. If you’re feeling bold, why not bring a pop of colour with pink, orange, brown and mustard?


When decorating a modern wedding tablescape, you can never go wrong with an uncovered table, provided it is polished or sleek and clear. You could use a flowy table run or choose to forego it. As for the napkins, cream or rock crispy are your go-to colours. Textiles are a great way to add colour to your setting.

Table Décor

Begin by creating an impression with a table runner or centrepiece. A great idea would be a textural greenery runner. It could have blooms or not. For the centrepiece, glass or porcelain vases are a nice choice. Although you can try floral centrepieces, be careful to do the bloom sparingly. In addition, elegant thin and massive candles are always welcome to spruce things up a little bit. Glasses could be clear or coloured and sleek, and cutlery should be gold or black.

  • Monochrome colours
  • Flowy table runs
  • Sleek tables
  • Tall candles
  • Chic centrepieces



A black more Goth wedding style

Black details in a wedding decor can include the excellent elegant or glam touch to any aesthetic. And also you can opt for just some dark details, or just sprinkle in a few. It’s all as much as you!
While an all-white wedding event will always be timeless,  there’s such a vast array of color shade options to make your wedding really feel entirely you. And also for many pairs, that may consist of a vibrant look, with plenty of black aspects in the mix. One of those alternative colors is whites opposite, black!

Ready to choose the unique design for your wedding day? There are a lot of lovely alternatives! Yet prior to diving in, you’ll intend to identify the general visual and also shade scheme for both your event and reception.

Foto via Lady Bella / Styled by JJ Style Co

Foto via Lady Bella / Styled by JJ Style Co

What Is a Bohemian-Themed Wedding Tablescape?

A bohemian-themed wedding tablescape is characterised by playfulness and colourfulness with whimsical and aromatic designs. Flowers are arranged in a manner that enhances the overall theme. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some popcorn, chocolate-covered almonds and a wide variety of candy for all the guests.

To further enhance the bohemian flare, fill your tablescape with large candlesticks, lanterns and tea candle holders. These will also create an abundant glowing light ideal for a warm fall wedding.

Pro Tips

  • Terrarium centrepieces
  • Rumpled linens
  • Table numbers made using driftwood
  • Cascading bouquet
  • Earthy accents

What Are the Other Notable Wedding Tablescape Themes?

Other notable wedding tablescape themes include:

  • Fall theme
  • Romantic theme
  • Rustic theme
  • Vintage theme
  • Creative theme


porslin 2

My kind of table setting for a wedding…personal and inspired by the ocean :)




Here are some table set tips:

  • Place the plates in a straight line on the table – a good start!
  • Glasses are placed from right to left in the order they should be used
  • Don’t put too many flowers on the table between envelopes as they can obscure the view
  • A small present to each guest at their places looks nice and is a decoration in itself
  • If bread is served, it should be placed on the table ready for the guests



Styling a wedding tablescape may seem difficult at first glance. However, things get easier once you’ve identified your needs and selected a theme. This detailed guide notes some of the most popular wedding tablescape themes and outlines how to achieve them. All the best on your next project!

These tips conclude the wedding theme this week at Inredningsvis. As I already mentioned, try not to stress yourselves out unnecessarily before your wedding. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy good food and good company. Getting burned out doesn’t help anyone. A marriage is a salute to love, which is still free :) The key to a successful partnership will always be honesty and respect. It’s only when all the guards are down that you can live happily ever after.


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