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4 Best IKEA High Chairs

Discover the practicality and style of 4 IKEA’s high chairs. Offering comfort, safety, and design in one package, these chairs revolutionise mealtime for your little ones.

IKEA’s high chairs are the best on the market because they combine functionality with style, comfort, and safety. In this piece, we look at the top 4 IKEA high chairs and discuss their features and benefits.

Experience Comfort and Convenience with IKEA’s Top 4 High Chairs

You may relax in the comfort of knowing your child is safe and secure in one of these high-quality chairs while you enjoy the time saved at meals.

Besides conforming to IKEA’s stringent safety standards, these seats also sport the company’s recognisable aesthetic. Let your youngster dine comfortably while you peruse the reasons these IKEA high chairs are so much more than just a place to sit.


If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, and secure high chair for your youngster, go no further than IKEA’s ANTILOP model. Your child will always have a safe place at the table with ANTILOP, whether you’re eating at home, with friends, or out.

Children everywhere need to have fun trying new foods and practising their eating skills during those formative years. The idea for ANTILOP came from the realisation that observation is the primary means of acquiring knowledge.

Factors Advantages Uses
Lightweight and Compact Easily transportable, making it ideal for travel and compact storage. Convenient for use at home, friends’ houses, or dining out.
Secure Design High-back design and secure harness keep the child safe and comfortable. Provides a secure and comfortable seating solution for mealtimes.
Easy to Clean The plastic surface is wipe-clean for easy maintenance Ensures hygiene is maintained after meals or playtimes.
Affordable ANTILOP is a testament to IKEA’s philosophy of offering high-quality products at accessible prices. Makes a reliable high chair available to a wide range of budgets.


Understanding that even the youngest family member deserves a comfortable and safe place at the dining table, IKEA presents the BLÅMES high chair, designed with exceptional care and attention to safety. It isn’t just a chair but a platform where your child can be a part of precious family moments, learning from the world around them.

Therefore, when you choose the IKEA BLÅMES high chair for your little one, you are not only investing in a safe, comfortable, and stylish seating solution. You are also contributing to global efforts to protect our environment. This makes the BLÅMES high chair more than just a practical choice – it’s a sustainable choice that benefits your family and the world we share.

Factors Advantages Uses
Adjustable and Adaptable Grows with the child thanks to adjustable seat height and footrest. Ensures comfortable seating from infancy through toddler years.
Secure Design Comes with a safety belt and a broad, stable base for safety. Provides a secure seating solution during mealtimes.
Practical Tray Detachable tray for easy cleanup and versatility. It serves as an eating surface or play area, and can be removed when unnecessary.
Affordable True to IKEA’s philosophy of offering high-quality products at accessible prices. Makes high-quality, long-lasting high chairs available to a wide range of budgets.


IKEA’s LANGUR high chair grows with your child. Your child first tastes and communicates in it. As they grow, the LANGUR chair evolves, allowing children the independence to come and go from the table as they please.

The LANGUR high chair from IKEA is a seat and a tool that accompanies your child’s growth, facilitating learning, comfort, and independence. It’s a conscious choice for a growing family that values practicality, design, and, most importantly, precious family time around the dining table.

Factors Advantages Uses
Grows with Your Child Adjustable design with an insert to accommodate the child’s growth. Provides comfortable seating from infancy through toddler years.
Unique Design Features innovative L-shaped runners to avoid obstructive chair legs. Offers stability and space efficiency in any dining area.
Eco-Friendly Material Primarily crafted from sustainable or recycled wood. Supports environmental sustainability efforts while providing durability.
Safety First Includes a secure safety belt and high backrest for safety and comfort. Ensures a safe and secure seating solution during mealtimes.


The IKEA GRÅVAL high chair is more than just a seat—it’s an evolving part of your child’s life. Initially serving as a secure spot where your little ones begin exploring food and language, it seamlessly adapts to allow older children the independence to leave the table when ready.

The GRÅVAL chair’s design focuses on growth and adaptability. The chair grows with them as your child matures, ensuring it remains a cosy and functional part of your home for years. Its design prioritises comfort and practicality, addressing the child’s and parent’s needs.

But what sets the GRÅVAL chair apart isn’t limited to its functionality. Our dedication to ethical sourcing is reflected in the quality of materials used. At IKEA, we set high standards for our wood sourcing, working strictly within industry norms to encourage sustainable forestry.

Factors Advantages Uses
Adapts to Your Child’s Growth The high chair’s design evolves with your child’s needs, ensuring its relevance and use over the years Provides a comfortable seating solution from infancy through childhood.
Comfort and Practicality Designed with a child’s comfort in mind, ensuring a pleasant mealtime experience. Offers a secure and comfortable spot for eating and learning.
Sustainable Materials Crafted from wood that is either FSC-certified or recycled. Demonstrates a commitment to responsible sourcing and environmental protection.
Scandinavian Aesthetics A timeless design that blends seamlessly with a range of interiors. Enhances the look and feel of your dining area.


These 4 best IKEA high chairs, including the ANTILOP, LANGUR, BLÅMES, and GRÅVAL, cater to various needs and aesthetics, each designed with the same dedication to safety, adaptability, and sustainability.

These high chairs are more than just seating options; they are carefully engineered solutions that grow with your child, supporting their development and reinforcing your commitment to responsible living.

Whether your style leans towards the simplicity of the ANTILOP, the dynamic utility of the LANGUR, the traditional charm of the BLÅMES, or the enduring adaptability of the GRÅVAL, IKEA’s collection offers a high chair to suit every family’s needs, ensuring meal times are safe, comfortable, and memorable experiences.


What is the weight limit for IKEA high chairs?

IKEA high chairs can support children up to 33 lbs or 15 kg.

Are IKEA high chairs adjustable?

No, most IKEA high chairs are not height adjustable.

Is the IKEA high chair tray removable?

The tray on IKEA high chairs is detachable for easy cleaning.

Are IKEA high chairs easy to assemble?

IKEA high chairs are designed for straightforward assembly with simple instructions.

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