Top 10 best ikea coffee tables ever

Top 10 Best IKEA Coffee Tables ever

The choice of your coffee table can significantly impact the overall look of your living room. It
might seem like a small detail, but since coffee tables often act as a gathering spot, choosing
one thoughtfully is essential. Ikea offers a vast collection of coffee tables at affordable prices,
including traditional ones and more contemporary designs, such as marble coffee tables and
nesting tables. Plus, most of these coffee tables provide ample storage.

Below are the top 10 best Ikea coffee tables, which can instantly elevate the look of your living room.

1. IKEA’s Top Seller: LACK Coffeey Table

The LACK Coffee table by IKEA is a versatile piece. Its honeycomb paper-filling construction
provides durability without compromising on its lightweight design, making it easy to move

You can organize your magazines and other items with a separate shelf, ensuring the
tabletop stays clutter-free. It is a cost-effective option, perfect for those with limited space.
Plus, its minimalist design allows it to blend perfectly with any decor.

2. IKEA Top Seller: TRULSTORP Coffee Table

With the TRULSTORP coffee table, you can comfortably eat, work and relax in your living
room, all with the added functionality of a lifting tabletop. Its versatility allows for easy
switching between different activities.

Moreover, functional storage space beneath the tabletop helps to keep small items. You can
quickly tidy up your workspace by storing away paper and pens and make room for a meal
by raising the tabletop. The built-in mechanism ensures effortless and silent lifting and
lowering of the table top half.

3. IKEA VITTSJÖ Coffee Table

The uncluttered design of the VITTSJÖ coffee table lends itself to an open and spacious
feel. This coffee table, made of durable materials, ensures easy maintenance, and the
added shelf offers extra storage space. The tabletop, made from tempered glass, is
stain-resistant, providing a hassle-free cleaning experience.

You can choose different styles, as the shelf features a reversible design with one side in
black and the other in black-brown. Moreover, the coffee table stands firm on uneven floors
with its adjustable feet.

4. IKEA STOCKHOLM Coffee Table

The STOCKHOLM coffee table pays homage to modern Scandinavian design, combining
style and functionality in one elegant package. Its oval table top, made of walnut veneer,
exudes a warm and sophisticated appeal.

A protective coat of lacquer further enhances the table’s durability, making it resistant to
scratches and other forms of wear and tear. The shelf under the table top also provides a
functional space to store your things, keeping your living space organized.

5. IKEA VITTSJÖ Nesting Tables

The VITTSJÖ nesting tables feature a simple, honest design that creates a sense of
openness and airiness in any living space. These tables can be used individually or together,
with the lower one easily sliding under the higher one for a space-saving solution. The table
tops, made of tempered glass, are stain-resistant and easy to clean, making them perfect for
everyday use.

You can customize the look to your liking, as the shelf features a reversible design, with one
side in black and the other in black-brown. The tables stand evenly on uneven floors thanks
to their adjustable feet, ensuring stability and balance.

6. IKEA VIHALS Coffee Table

The VIHALS coffee table offers a cohesive and seamless look that effortlessly ties the
different rooms in your home together. It is a mobile coffee table with a handy compartment,
providing convenient storage options. With its casters, this coffee table is easy to move
around, making it versatile and adaptable to your needs.

The open surfaces of this coffee table offer endless possibilities for personalization, allowing
you to display your favorite magazines or cherished objects. You can even pair it with a
basket to create hidden storage for a clutter-free appearance.

7. IKEA’s LISTERBY Coffee Table

Crafted from durable oak and protected by a coat of lacquer, the LISTERBY coffee table is
built to last and maintain its natural wood feel for years. With its sturdy build and genuine
character, this table is a reliable addition to any home.

Its clean and open design makes it effortless to match with other furnishings. The ribbed
shelf adds to the table’s aesthetic appeal. This coffee table offers practical storage for items
like magazines, remote controls, and other essentials you may need within reach. Plus, its
lower height suits any sofa and room in your home.

8. IKEA FRÖTORP Coffee Table

The FRÖTORP coffee table features a dynamic yet balanced look with its round shape and
use of different materials and finishes. The well-thought-out design of the table features a
smoked glass tabletop, powder-coated tubular steel legs, and a base with a marble effect,
creating a unique and personal character.

With its hard-wearing and timeless materials, the FRÖTORP table is a solid and
straightforward choice for any room. It can serve as a coffee or side table; you can even
combine different sizes to create a larger table space.

9. IKEA BORGEBY Coffee Table

BORGEBY coffee table has a sleek and airy shape that creates a sense of tranquility in any
room. The table’s elegant design and balanced expression make it a perfect fit for various
living situations and interior styles.

The storage area beneath the tabletop is convenient for keeping essential items within easy
reach yet out of the way, ensuring a serene environment. The subtle edge on the tabletop
adds character while preventing small items from falling off. Its compact size and light weight
make it easy to carry and move around the house, and it can serve various purposes in
different rooms.

10. IKEA TOFTERYD Coffee table

IKEA’s TOFTERYD coffee table boasts a great, stylish design with a high-gloss white finish.
Its practicality is elevated with an extra storage shelf under the tabletop that helps you keep
the surface neat.

The drawers also run smoothly, which is ideal for storing remote controls, magazines, and
other small items. Plus, the sleek and modern design of the TOFTERYD coffee table adds a
touch of sophistication to any living space.


What is the Cheapest IKEA Coffee Table?
The NODELAND coffee table is the cheapest, priced at $39.99.
What is the Most Expensive IKEA Coffee Table?
The LIATORP coffee table is the most expensive, priced at $379.99.
What is the Biggest IKEA Coffee Table?
The TOFTERYD coffee table, which measures 37 3/8 x 37 3/8 inches, is the biggest and is
priced at $329.99.
What is the Smallest IKEA Coffee Table?
The NODELAND coffee table, which measures 31 1/2 x 19 5/8 inches, is the smallest and is
priced at $39.99.


Conclusion – IKEA coffe tables

Ikea has a vast collection of coffee tables that suit any style and budget. However, before
purchasing, you must consider your needs and preferences. Functionality should be a top
priority, as you want your coffee table to serve its purpose while still looking great.

Our top 10 best IKEA coffee tables list has options for every taste and need, from minimalist to
functional storage and even rounded designs without sharp edges. No matter what you are
searching for, you’ll find the perfect coffee table at IKEA.

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