10 lyxiga vardagsrum tips som alla har råd med

How to decorate a livingroom on a budget – 10 tips

Finally time for some luxurious living room tips! We will stay more indoors when autumn sweeps in, with its cool colorful winds. Autumn is also a time to decorate in new color tones and new exciting decor ideas take place. Most people probably want to have as luxurious a stylish living room as possible. Unfortunately, many are in a bad position and can not afford expensive designer furniture. So what can you do to make your living room look like a low-budget Hollywood light?

In terms of interior design, here are 6 stylish tips on how to quickly get a luxurious living room cheaply without compromising on the next rental!

Decorate a living room on a budget

1. Furnish the room

The first trick we suggest to get a luxurious living room cheap is, refurnish! Move around furniture and check upstairs and in the basement if you have any luxury furniture and details in stock. By text moving the sofa group, it can provide space for a luxurious bookshelf or TV bench. This is by far the most budget-friendly way to luxury a room quickly.

You will find chairs above 1. HERE 2. HERE 3. HERE 4. HERE 5. HERE 6. HERE
Bet on a statement armchair

Buying lots of clumsy large furniture does not give that luxurious light feeling. No, instead buy a design similar to a slender armchair and place it, for example. in a well-chosen corner with a floor lamp next to it. It absolutely does not have to be an expensive design piece of furniture for ten thousand that ordinary people still cannot afford. No, there are lots of cheap armchairs online that have that luxurious look even though they are cheap. This with statement armchair is also a well-known trick in home styling.

We advise you to buy a wooden chair that is extra trendy right now and you can also get these at a good price. Sometimes it is enough to just replace ONE piece of furniture to make a big difference in the room.

Cheap rugs with a luxurious look

Choosing the right kind of rug for the living room is important if the room is to have a luxurious character. Number one is to invest in a LARGE rug, not a small, damp cloth that barely covers the furniture legs. No, the carpet should definitely go off the sofa and possibly. armchairs next door. About the size 200 x 300 is usually perfect for a normally large living room. Another trick is to lay two medium-sized rugs wrapped next to each other, it gives the impression of a single large rug.

Then a super trick for a glamorous matte look is to choose a matte material with shimmer woven into the fabric. Rugs with a silk feel are great right now and above you will find some examples of what I mean.

4. Replace the coffee table

Few things can change a living room as quickly as changing coffee tables. The coffee table makes the WHOLE difference and the right coffee table makes the room both bigger and nicer. Choosing the wrong coffee table, on the other hand, can spoil and significantly reduce the room. Here I suggest small flexible coffee tables that make the room luxuriously fast AND cheap as well.

5. Stylish long curtains

No textile material gives the feeling of luxury as quickly as velvet does. Why not decorate the living room with a pair of thick stylish velvet curtains? And the best trick to get a luxurious living room quickly, is to let the curtains change from the ceiling via a curtain rail down to the floor. Beige blackout curtains are also a smart choice for an exclusive room feeling.6.

6. Luxurious fur and plaid

So when autumn creeps in with its cooling winds, it is a must to coat the furniture at home. I usually put white sheepskin on each sofa seat cushion during the cold period. It is not only nice but also gives the sofa that glamorous feeling. It is also a smart tip for all families with children with furs, as they protect the furniture from possible. baby spills stains and are easy to replace.

7. Stylish pouf

Last but not least poppis but rather the opposite, is our beloved pouf. The poufs have made an abnormal impact on Instagram and since then you can see these little decorative jewelery in everyone’s home. IF you are just going to buy a piece of furniture to get a luxurious room quickly, then it is a pouf.

8. Repaint or re-upholster

Here you can repaint both furniture and walls, which does not cost much but makes a big difference. Find furniture at a flea market and give it new life with new color and new knobs and handles. Or why not wallpaper a wall with a luxuriously patterned wallpaper? Do not forget to do the preparation well with sanding and putty, only then will the coloring and wallpapering be perfect. If you live in a tenancy, you can set up self-adhesive removable wallpaper that is easy to remove if you move.

9. Decorate with exclusive green plants

When I say exclusive, you think EXPENSIVE! But it does not have to be expensive plants for it to look luxurious, it is instead about the choice of plants. Different floor palms look tex. super luxury and you can find them super cheap at IKEA. Another plant that gives an exclusive feeling is the orchid. Especially the durable Phalaenopsis orchids or bridal orchids as they are called in Swedish. Put them in different places in the room for a balanced impression. Even fresh cut flowers give the room a feeling of luxury immediately, so make sure to buy at least one bouquet of cut flowers every week.

10. Think textiles

As we mentioned earlier in this post, textiles can work miracles in a room. If you do not have a lot of money, you can still get on well with new pillows and curtains, as you can find textiles cheap online, for example at ellos, as I show above. Just replacing decorative pillows can make an abnormal difference throughout the room.

As you can see, there are lots of simple tricks to use to get a luxurious living room cheap. In my opinion, everyone should be able to afford to get it glamorous at home without having to worry about the next monthly rent. I mean, if there is not even a difference in a living room with lots of expensive design gadgets and a decorated budget luxury, why then waste hard-earned money unnecessarily just for the brand’s sake … idiocy was the name!

4 mistakes to avoid when decorating a living room

1. Choosing the right sofa is A and O for everything

All interior designers agree that everything in the living room decor begins with a perfectly selected sofa. Do you insist that you absolutely must keep your old worn sofa, well then the new decor will rarely be good around the sofa. It’s all about choosing a sofa that matches perfectly with the rest of the decor, only then will the room get the right balance.

2. Choose too small carpet

This is a common mistake people generally make. Choosing a rug that is too small in a living room is devastating and will make the room look tacky instead of luxurious. Always think that it is better with a mat that is too big, than one that is too small. MEASURE the floor and carpet carefully before buying, then it can not go wrong.

3. Decorate the living room as a rigid showroom

Certainly! It’s good to get inspiration from stores when you shop, but it’s not good to copy everything you see straight off. Mean who wants a room that looks like a rigid showroom without a personal touch, no one really. No, instead invest in mixing old and new for a unique and personal interior.

4. Hang the art ugly and wrong

Hanging art the wrong way on a wall is like someone in a movie wearing a really bad wig. “It’s just hard not to look at it, you just wish you could tear it down from the walls. It does not ruin your experience of the room, it’s just terribly distracting, period!

There you have our best tips echow to decorate a living room on a budget, good luck!


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