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How to choose an RV [Beginner’s Guide]

If you’re in the market for a new RV or camper, you might not even know where to start and
what factors to consider when buying it. This is very common as campers and RVs are
becoming increasingly popular, but most of us don’t know what to look for when buying one.
This ain’t a car or a house, it is a mix of the two, and therefore you need to be extremely careful
when picking your RV or camper.
Thankfully we have created this guide to help you when it comes to picking your new RV or
camper. We will guide you through all the factors you need to consider as well as a few tips that
can make your RV buying experience smoother!

6 Factors to consider when choosing an RV

1. Price and budget

It goes without saying that the first factor you will have to consider is the budget. Now, when it
comes to budgeting for an RV or camper, you can’t go all in. That means that there are costs
associated with the ownership of RVs and campers that you need to consider, as well as the
cost of traveling around with them. For this reason, you need to create a budget that is big
enough to buy your RV, maybe modify or upgrade it, and also take into account maintenance
costs and other legal expenses.

2. Used or new

Ahhh, the old question we always ask ourselves when we are making large purchases like cars,
houses, and such – used or new? Well, the truth is that when it comes to campers and RVs, the
best option is to go for a used model, even if you have the money to buy a new one! Why? Well,
you see many people buy RVs and campers out of impulse, and they end up barely using them.
This is great news for you because you can pick me a very slightly used RV or camper for half
the price it would cost new.

Plus, you can use the extra money you are saving to go on long trips or even upgrade or do a

3. Size

When it comes to the size of the RV or camper, you need to consider several points. One of
them is to make sure that the size is appropriate for your intended use. For example, if you are
planning on living all year in your camper, you might need a larger model to accommodate all of
your belongings. But, if you are just planning on taking a few short trips with your RV, it may not
be necessary to have such a larger model, and this way, you can save some money.

On top of this, you also need to consider the driver’s license you have and where you are from.
Depending on the country, there are several restrictions and limitations to what size of RV or
camper you can drive with a normal driver’s license. So be careful when researching and
choosing your RV, and focus on these points we mentioned.

4. Features

Not everyone wants the same features in an RV or camper. Some of us just want a place to
sleep, while others like to have a large kitchen, a bathroom, and even a shower – why not!? This
is why you will also need to consider all the bells and whistles you want your RV or camper to
have. Obviously, the more features it has, the more expensive it will be. However, this is
something that you can easily get around if you know what you are doing.

Sometimes buying an older model can be a great option if you plan to renovate or upgrade it
later. There are several companies that specialize in upgrading old RVs, and in some cases,
they can even convert a regular camper or van into your dream home on wheels. So consider
all the possibilities and costs before you buy your RV or camper on impulse.

5. Monthly cost

You will also need to be prepared for the monthly costs of having your RV. The fact is that most
people often overlook this, but it is an absolutely crucial aspect to consider when buying an RV.
There will be unforeseen costs of maintaining and sometimes repairing your camper, and being
prepared for them by budgeting will help you prevent any disappointments.

6. Resale price

Lastly, if you are unsure whether or not you want to sell your camper or RV later on, you need to
consider its resale value of it. For this, it is usually best to stick with the most well-known brands
and models to ensure that if you do want to sell it down the road, you can still get good money
for it.

4 Tips when buying an RV or camper

1. Research, plan, and budget

One of the most crucial things about choosing the right RV is to research everything you can, so
you can acquire as much knowledge on RVs as possible. You will also need to plan and budget
your purchase, and this will inevitably include some hours of work and dedication that will be all
worth it.

2. Set your standards

You need to make sure you know which features you want in your RV as well as the bare
minimum you require for your intended use. If you are planning on living in your RV or camper
for a long time, always consider everything you will need, the costs, and the possibility of having
to upgrade or change a few things here and there.

3. Test drive it!

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of choosing an RV or camper is actually test drive it. Don’t buy
it without seeing it or testing it, you need to make sure you like it, and it fits the purpose you
intend to give it.

4. Ask for professional help and advice

Finally, you want to ask for as much advice and help as you can. You probably have a friend or
family member who already has an RV and knows more than you do about them. Reach out,
and ask them for help. This will help to make the whole process easier and smoother.

Conclusion – choose an RV

While choosing an RV or camper can be a stressful and complicated process, with the help of
this guide, you will be able to make your decision process easier. Make sure you follow all of the
bits of advice we have shared, and we hope you have a fun time on your next camper or RV

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