Grön inredning - på tapeten i år

HOT DECOR TREND 2015: green as the spring grass

Now it’s time for a little trend tips for this year’s décor. The color green that has soared sharply on the interior heaven this month. The question if green colored interior is up every mans allyey remains but one thing is sure that the spring green color is as hot as the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve :)


Scandinavian decor inspiration

inredning sovrum

The images on the green decor above comes from HM home and as usual trend hits secure Hm right in the heart decor.

I, who never liked green home can now even imagine decorate green but only the Hm styled way :)

inredning inspiartion


Decor inspiration

If you do not go all the way with lots of dark green interior. Then only a few light green stuff, which in this case plants and cushions to do the trick.

Decorating Tips: hot pink and bright color green works great together and it gives that fresh spring feeling we all want :)


inredning balkong

Get the style on a budget

inredning inspiration

All green stuff above comes from the Swedish store


Why is green interior right now? it may have with our growing environmental and ecological thinking? That we turn to our secure mother nature and want to drag the woods into the living room. Or is it just one of countless fashion colors that pass by just to? one thing is anyway. sure and that is that green gives the feeling of calm, freshness and spring feeling quivering all over.

Green interior design according to Feng Shui:

Green is the course of nature and vegetation color. It has calming and soothing properties and want you to feel safe, cherished and grounded then you should surround yourself with green. Green is also a healing color that stimulates health. Green has also become a symbol color of wealth and prosperity. So feel free to use green in the room where you want to strengthen the sense of future success. Green is not suitable in rooms where you want to be really active.

I myself am a pink girl and would not have green at home. But I still think that green interior decorating inspiration that the above is very fine. It is lovely with all the new trends that a new year carries with it, it is not :)

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Now I want to hear from you is grass-green right in the room or just unnatural awful?

Have a great day :)

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