Home decor blogs: 10 tips for success!

Home Decor blogs: 10 tips for a successful home decor blog

Hi! My name is Jon and I work behind the scenes here at – one of Sweden’s most popular and loved home decor blogs.

By now you’ve probably read a lot of Maria’s posts about home decor, filled with decor ideas, beautiful images and witty (and at times deep) words.

home decor blogs

But how did Inredningsvis become one of Sweden’s top home decor blogs in such a short space of time? What are the secrets behind a successful blog? And what can you do to get more readers to your blog and maybe even earn some money?

Here are my tips for creating a popular home decor blog.

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Home Decor blogs: The technical side of things

When you first decide to start a blog, you probably think mostly about your posts, pictures, and an interesting name. However, firstly you need to solve a couple of technical details:

Tips #1: Hosting: Don’t use “blogger”!

Sure, you can start with free hosting such as Blogger or and these services might be suitable if you want to be a hobby blogger. However, if you are serious about blogging then you’ll need to get self-hosting. Admit it, Which URL do you think sounds better: or It might seem unimportant right now, but if you want your home decor blog to appear professional, it’s best to avoid free hosting.

There are a lot of self-hosting services, and you need to find the one that suits you best. Speed, reliability, and knowledgeable customer service are musts. We use Bluehost.

Tips #2: Use WordPress as your blog platform

WordPress is a free platform that is used by almost all serious bloggers. There are literally thousands of different themes to choose from which suit home decor blogs, and, Google really loves wordpress. Themes can be downloaded for free and these can be quite acceptable. However, if you want something a little nicer looking and professional, it’s best to buy a theme. Inredningsvis uses Canvas right now, albeit with a few modifications.

Tips #3: Find a suitable blog name and domain name (URL)

Which domain name do you think works better for a home decor blog?

Sure, there is nothing wrong with the first name, but try to think of something that is attractive to your future readers and possible future business partners We chose the name “inredningsvis” and the domain because this blog is primarily about home decor (inredning = home decor in Swedish) and we want to inspire and provide a source of knowledge (vis = wise in Swedish) inrednings-vis (“decor-wise” in English).

My suggestion is to go here to GoDaddy and start looking for the domain name you’d like to have!

Now that we’re done with the technical details, your domain name is registered and your blog is installed, it’s time to look at design.

bad design good design

Blog design: Difficult and ugly vs functional and attractive

Home decor blogs: Design

Your readers won’t take you seriously if your blog doesn’t have an attractive and functional design. Your blog is about home decor, afterall, so you should have a keen eye for colour, form and function! ;) I have seen countless numbers of home decor blogs with totally thoughtless design, pianful colour combinations, and a big mess of stuff everywhere. To avoid these traps, I’ve put together some basic design ideas for your home decor blog below:

Tips #4: Less is more

A home decor blog is a type of art gallery. Besides the artwork, what do you see on the walls of a gallery? Practically nothing! Sure, a blog often needs a sidebar, but if we look at the bigger picture, clean designs work better than a big mess. Our blog design mantra is light, fresh, clean – in other words: less is more.

Tips #5: Music on the blog? No thanks!

As a professional musician and a professional blogger, I could write an entire article (or a whole book!) about why you shouldn’t have music playing on a home decor blog. But to sum it all up: Just don’t do it – trust me!

Tips #6: Logo

Your logo must reflect the design vision of your blog. The design vision of inredningsvis is “clean, classy, luxury” and we think that our logo (at the top of the page) does a pretty good job of reflecting this vision.

Tips #7: Fonts

Text on a blog must be easy to read – not just on a computer screen but also on a tablet or mobile phone. Because of this, we’ve chosen a font family that is easy to read on all of these platforms. Our headers are large and clear, and the article text or “bread text” as it’s called is easy to read but doesn’t take too much attention away from the images. The colour family is, as you can see, black, dark grey, light grey, with link texts in inredningsvis-pink: our unique pink colour which is easily associated with our blog. We see this accent colour like spices in the kitchen: too little spice and the food tastes of nothing – too much and the food is ruined. (Yes, I like to cook, so check out my posts about Gluten Free Bread and Shepherd’s Pie!

Home decor blogs: Traffic!

Your own blog is now online. So how do you get trafic to home decor blogs? Here are a couple of simple suggestions:

Tips #8: Comment on other blogs

A tried and true method of getting new readers to your blog is via comments. Go in to other blogs, read the posts and write comments to the author. It’s a good idea to comment on the post you just read.

Example comment 1: Correct:
“Great tips! I too love a home that is neat and tidy and hate it when there are lots of nic-nacs all over the place! Hugs!”

Example comment 2: Wrong:
“Go to MYYY BLOG and read my new post!!!!!”

Example 1 shows that you a) have read the post b) have something in common with the author c) can spell d) send positive vibes to the author. In other words, your comment adds value to the author’s blog.

Example 2 shows that you a) are desperate. Not hot :P

When you write your comment, include the web addres of your blog in the URL field so that others can click back to your blog. Do not write: “Follow me on facebook. Follow me on bloglovin. Follow me on twitter. Follow me on pinterest. Follow me on…” etc. with lots of html links in the comments field. Why? Again, because it makes you look desperate.

Instead of begging for lots of visitors, think rather: “How can I attract a lot of visitors by offering something of value to them?”

Tips #9: Social media

You’ve probably read this before so I’ll write a little abbreviated here:

How to get Facebook and Twitter on your blog:

There are a lot of other social media channels and it’s important to find the one’s most suitable for you and your blog. We use Bloglovin, Instagram, Tumblrand Pinterest.

When you have opened your social media channels you’ll need to be active, but not spammy. Send one to three updates per day to start with and measure the results with Google Analytics – a free service that no blogger can live without!

Tips #10: Write interesting posts!

This is probably the most important tip I can give you.

It might sound to simple to be true, but I have spoken with so many people with home decor blogs that say things like: “I don’t get it. I don’t get any trafic and no comments.” When I go in to their blogs it’s not difficult to see why. Besides an often poor design, the blogger has taken a half-blurry picture of a cushion and written something like:

“Look at my new cushion – isn’t it beautiful”.

This might sound a little cruel now, but I mean, who the h*ll cares? :P We don’t know who you are and you give me no value in your post. It would’ve been much better like this:

“Cushions: New Autumn decor ideas from IKEA” as the title and then “I went to IKEA today to but a new cushion for my living room. This one was extra hot. IKEA has a sale now on cushions so I took the opportunity to get a bargain. If you would rather make your own cushions, this is how to do it… …What do you think of my new cushion?”

Do you see the difference? In my example, you give the reader something of value. You tell them that “IKEA has a sale now on cushions” (the reader maybe didn’t already know) and you also tell the reader how to make their own “How to:” The reader feels that you are an authority when it comes to cushions and will come back to your blog.

Conclusion: Give your readers something of value!

I hope that my tips for a successful home decor blog have helped you get started!

Do you have any tips to share? Use the comment form below!


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  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing this informative post about home decor.

  2. Yeah. Completely agree with the idea of images rather than long posts. Home decor blogs with images can gather major eyeballs than anything else. I too have a blog and have experienced this change.

  3. Great tips!! I really enjoyed it………….

  4. Great blogging tips! Thanks for sharing what you actually use too. I love your site.

    • Thanks dear :)

  5. Great tips! I will definitely think about how to incorporate these in my blog as well.

    • This is a very informative and well written post. I appreciate how you broke it down and explained each tip. It was easy to follow and understand. I also love how uncluttered your blog site is. This post is a must-read for aspiring bloggers or for bloggers that need to freshen-up their act. Thank you!

      • AWWW thanks SO much dear Im happy you got some blog tips from my post :) /kisses

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