10 tips for a perfect home cinema decor

Home cinema has been around since the 90s and the trend seems to be continuing. In principle, all major manufacturers of audio and video products invest heavily in their range of home theater products. Here you get 10 smart tips on what to think about when you fix your own home theater and some home cinema decor tips!

In short, a home theater means a large TV, alternatively a projector, preferably a separate room that is furnished only as a cinema room, comfortable armchairs or a sofa and of course – a really good sound system!

Home cinema decor tips

#1 Invest in multi control

You should consider integrating a smart remote control to be able to control everything from one device. THEN you don’t have to fiddle with the projector first, then switch on the sound, control the lighting, etc. It will be much easier if you have a control for everything. It also makes the experience of cinema more tangible.

#2 Put a lot of powder on a home theater projector

Need we say that you should invest in a projector and screen specifically designed for home cinema? There is nothing to save on here, but of course it all depends on what budget you have.

#3 Choose a good room

Choose a room for your home theater where you have minimal light and sound interference. For example, if you have a room without windows, it is perfect.

#4 Keep it Soundproof

Soundproof the room with soundproofing material. The door is especially important as it otherwise lets in a lot of disturbing noise.

#5 Choose speakers for home cinema

Use a high-quality sound system to get a cinema-like audio experience. You should feel it in your stomach when the bombs exploded! One tip is Sonos, which has really good products for home cinema!

#6 The distance between projector, sound and screen is important

Place the projector, screen and sound system at the perfect distance from each other for the best possible experience. Read the manuals carefully to achieve this in the best way.

#7 Furnish with details

Don’t forget the decor! Here you have the chance to create the right feeling and atmosphere. Invest in a popcorn cart, movie posters on the walls. Why not run a red carpet on the floor, if you like it?

#8 Use home theater amplifiers

Don’t forget the amplifier to get good sound!

#9 Light in a smart way

A home theater should not be completely dark. Illuminate the floor, under the chairs, on the ceiling, etc.

#10 Sit comfortably

Comfortable seating is essential for a successful home cinema!

FAQ – about home cinema

There are many questions when it comes to home cinema. That’s why we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions here along with detailed answers.

How much does it cost to build a home theater?

There is everything from budget variants that cost under 10,000 kroner up to the really lavish variants costing several hundred thousand kroner. What pulls away is the projector and the sound system. If you have a limited budget, you can start with the hardware itself and invest in the decor on an ongoing basis.

How do you make a home theater?

Start by finding a good place in the home for your home theater. Take the measurements of the room to be able to buy a projector screen of the right size and to know which sound system to invest in.

What is needed for home cinema?

To get a home theater there are a few things you need. You need a projector, a sound system and a screen and somewhere to sit. Some people build their home cinema with a TV screen, which also works well of course.

Home Cinema decor – Summary

In this article, we have given you 10 great tips on how to get a home theater in your own home. There are budget options as well as more expensive variants. Start by making a budget and then take it from there. Don’t forget the decor and make sure you get the right feeling and atmosphere in your home cinema.

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