Hänga gardiner i taket – 6 bästa tips

Hang curtains from ceiling – 6 best tips

There are a few different ways to create a hotel feeling at home. Elegant lamps, large beds, cozy textiles and generous pillows are some ways. To hang curtains from the ceiling is another good tip.

In hotels, it is more the rule than the exception with curtains that run from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. It’s not only practical (blackout!), it’s also cozy and stylish. If you want to create a luxurious hotel feeling at home, why not try hanging curtains from the ceiling?

Where can you hang curtains from the ceiling?

In a hotel room, the boundary between living room and bedroom is often a bit fluid. Obviously, curtains on the ceiling fit in both kinds of rooms! Think about where you want to create a slightly more cozy and luxurious character – maybe you choose a bedroom or two, maybe you also include the living room in the planning?

You can of course have slightly different types of curtains in different rooms. In the bedroom, for example, you can decorate with blackout curtains, while you choose a slightly lighter and airier version in the living room.

Can I install a roof rail in my apartment?

It is perfectly possible to put up a roof rail if you live in a rental property. The basic rule for rental properties is that you are allowed to make holes, as long as they are not too extensive.

How to install curtain rails

Installing a curtain rail is a slightly more extensive task compared to installing a rod. You may also need some tools besides the screwdriver. Here’s a quick seven-step guide on how to do it!

1. Measure the length of the rail and mark with a pencil both on the rail and the wall
2. Saw off the rail if necessary
3. Pull the hooks (slides) into the rail (about 8-10 pieces per meter) and fasten the stop
4. Mark a distance of up to 10 cm from the wall
5. Attach ceiling brackets
6. Drill, plug and screw in
7. Mount the ceiling brackets in the screws

A good tip is not to skimp on the width. If you have room on the sides of the window, use that space so the curtains don’t cover a large portion of the window.

These curtains give the most luxurious feeling

The thicker the quality, the better – that’s kind of a rule of thumb when it comes to curtains for a hotel feel. Solid, thick and heavy are the watchwords to aim for. Velvet and thick polyester fabric are materials to take a closer look at.

When it comes to the type of curtain, there is really only one choice. It is about folding tape lengths. It is a model with eyelets and/or hooks with a beautiful and classic case with one or a few decimetres.

Can I use rod instead of rail for hotel curtains?

You cannot mount a curtain rod in the ceiling or in the joint between wall and ceiling. You can do that with a rail. You can use a rod but may then have to both mount the rod as high up on the wall as possible and use curtains with eyelets a little lower.

Neutral colors are best

Have you ever been inside a hotel room with textiles in garish colors? You can probably answer no to that question. That just right and luxurious hotel feel is not achieved with garish colors. It is rather the opposite that applies.

Colors that go well are dull natural colors. It is about different shades of grey, blue, brown and green. What about white? Interiors in white are classic and fresh, but for curtains on the ceiling, white is a worse choice. The color does not immediately give that cozy feeling. It is also not good at blocking out light.

Try double curtains with blackout

Thick, solid curtains with blackout create a luxurious hotel feeling, there’s no doubt about that. However, there may be times when a more airy and bright atmosphere is preferred. A given combination is therefore blackout together with more airy, sheer curtains that let in light.

Can you put up curtains to cover walls?

With ceiling-mounted rails, you can cover entire walls with curtains. It can give a cozy and exclusive feeling, for example in the living room.

Let the curtains hang wide and use a cornice

Hotel curtains, if we can now call them that, are an important part of the interior design. They simply take up a lot of space. To get the same character, the tip is to let the curtains hang wide. They are welcome to take up all or a large part of the wall next to the windows.

Another tip regarding the placement itself is to use a cornice. It is about a decorative strip that you put up to cover the rail. It’s an extra interior detail that can make a difference!

Summary – Hang curtains from ceiling

With a curtain rail in the ceiling, you can create a cozy style in both bedroom and living room. It is also beautiful with textiles from ceiling to floor. As a bonus, the room can feel more spacious because the ceiling feels higher. It’s not stupid at all!

In this guide to hanging curtains from the ceiling, you will find all our best tips that you can start using right away. You can read about everything from planning and installation to which curtains you can choose. Now it’s just a matter of getting started!

  1. Blinds definitely get a bad reputation in regards to home style, but I must admit to liking the practicality of them. Who wants long sweeping curtains in the bathroom? Love the look of the first image!


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