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10 Amsterdam Travel Tips  

Get ready for some cool Amsterdam travel Tips! Amsterdam is on the bucket list of most travel enthusiasts globally. The city receives more than 18 million tourists yearly. Some come for weekend getaways, while others come to experience Dutch culture. Amsterdam is a beautiful city with great infrastructure and several tourist attractions. If it is your first time visiting, this article discusses some helpful tips that will help you navigate the city.

These tips aim to help you save money, avoid common mistakes, dine well and generally have a fruitful trip.

Amsterdam travel Tips

Obtain a Tourist Pass

When travelling, most of your spending will go towards transport and accommodation. This is where the Amsterdam sightseeing pass comes in. The pass enables you to move around Amsterdam faster and for free. It also gives you free access to most of the museums in the city.

How Much Does an Amsterdam Sightseeing Pass Cost?

Depending on the length of your stay, your sightseeing pass can be valid for 1 to 4 days. A 24-hour card will cost you 65 € while a 4-day card costs 120 €. The card guarantees free entry to the best museums in the city, unlimited transportation and discounted or free canal cruises. You can also rent bikes for free and receive discounts at your favourite restaurants.

“Coffee Shop” Is Not the Same as “Coffeeshop”

These two words are a testimony of what a great difference spacing can create. In this city, a coffee shop is a regular café where you can get snacks and beverages. A coffeeshop, on the other hand, is a place that sells marijuana and related products. So, if you are travelling with children, you might want to avoid the latter. The most amount of marijuana you can buy at a time is 5 gm. Only coffeeshops are authorised to sell cannabis products.

Do Not Take Pictures in the Red Light District

As you might have guessed, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. Historically and even in the present, the Red Light District features brothels where sex workers can conduct their business safely. However, mass tourism has converted the place into a tourist attraction. While you can visit the Red Light District whenever you want, do not go with guided tours. Also, taking photographs of sex workers is prohibited as it is disrespectful. Doing so could attract hefty court fines.

Take an Umbrella Wherever You Go

Amsterdam has unpredictable weather. On average, the city has 200 rainy days annually. This means your chances of getting rained on are high. Regardless of the weather forecast, always carry an umbrella or raincoat.

Why Does Amsterdam Experience Heavy Rainfall?

The heavy rainfall can be attributed to the city’s oceanic climate influenced by the North Sea. However, thanks to the many art galleries, museums and a fantastic transportation system, the rain cannot stop you from having fun.

Save Money When You Eat Out

If you want to spend less on food, street food is the way to go. Food trucks and street vendors are plenty in Amsterdam. Here, you can enjoy Dutch favourites like kippers, poffertjes and Stroop waffles. One particularly cheap meal you’ll find in most restaurants is the dagschotel.

What Are Brown Cafes?

Another useful tip is to eat where the locals do. You’ll notice that the Dutch eat in brown cafes. These are like pubs and offer authentic food at affordable prices. You can also try Amsterdam buffets if you want to save a few coins. They normally cost less than 20 €. Of course, you won’t find Dutch cuisine but Asian or Chinese specialities.

Stay Out of the Way of Cyclists

The streets of Amsterdam are filled with bicycles and cyclists. Cycling is the main mode of travel here. In this city, bike lanes are marked red. They have a bicycle icon at every entry point, so you don’t confuse it with a walking lane. However, most tourists may not notice these lanes. They may walk on them and even stop in the middle to take pictures. As a result, the cyclist may be forced to brake suddenly and endanger several people’s lives. So, if you are new in Amsterdam, always watch out for bike lanes.

Buying Bottled Water Is Unnecessary

In Amsterdam, tap water quality is regulated. It tastes great and is safe to drink. Buying bottled water every time is not eco-friendly. Most people think bottled water is cleaner, but this may not be the case. Plastic bottles may make the water unsafe if exposed to the sun for too long. Besides, buying bottled water in Amsterdam can cost up to 250 €. Restaurants rarely offer free water, so consider carrying a water bottle wherever you go. You can fill it up at the public drinking water points.

Amsterdam Isn’t a 24/7 City

Most establishments in Amsterdam keep regular hours. Most shops operate from 10 am to 6 pm while supermarkets operate from 10 am to 8 pm. Most grocers and shops stay closed on Sundays except for busy tourist areas. Coffeeshops typically open in the morning hours and do not close until midnight. Clubs and bars remain open up to 3 am or 4 am.

Avoid the Tourist Traps

In every famous city, there are those places that capitalise on the cluelessness of tourists. For instance, some restaurants promise a high-end dining experience only for you to end up eating regular overpriced food. Amsterdam also has many stores masquerading as museums. So instead of wasting your money and ending up disappointed, go to a real museum like the Van Gogh museum.

Carry Your Photo ID

You can be stopped by police on the streets and be asked to produce your ID. You may also need your ID to enter a museum or other important sites. If you want to avoid any trouble and have a smooth stay in Amsterdam, always have your photo ID on you. An ideal alternative is your driver’s licence.

Conclusion – Amsterdam travel Tips

If you are undecided about your next vacation destination, Amsterdam is an easy choice. Almost everyone here owns a bike, making this an exciting city. However, visiting a new place can be frustrating, especially if you have no one to show you around. Fortunately for you, the above tips will help you have a memorable time, and who knows? You might even extend your trip.







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