Five fashion hits ala Brigitte Bardot



This swimsuit is beyond hot…and who wouldn’t want to take a swim with Miss Bardot this Summer? :)



My absolute personal favourite with BB – this pink bohemian-inspired t-shirt…mmm Me likeee!


The French mega icon Brigitte Bardot is hotter now than ever. We see her perfect lolita-face on countless items of clothing and even this year’s swimwear. Her life has always fascinated me as it has not always been a bed of roses. I saw a documentary on BB just now and there is a lot of darkness that characterized her life, including several failed suicide attempts.

Brigitte today lives a secluded life surrounded by her many animals. She is a true animal rights activist and has worked a long time to save many animals including seals being brutally beaten to death in hunting. Brigitte also revealed that she enjoys growing old, as it is liberating to no longer care what other people think about how you look…. lovely point there :)

I really like people like Brigitte that are not only faked happy-happy, but dare to show their fragile humanity and darkness without shame. The world would be so much better if people would dare to be a little more open, honest and dare to show their true selves. In short, BB is not just a hot sex symbol, she is a true role model for all women who dare to be themselves without a censor :)

Viva la Brigitte!

Have a beautiful day!


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