Environmentally friendly decor from OX Design

We’re all responsible for the health of our planet. Many of us are environmentally conscious, but consciousness in itself will not save our planet from pollution created by mankind. Nej, we must act responsibily to create a better envirnoment, and our purchase decisions are a part of this.

There are several options now when to comes to organic food – and I really do hope that you choose organic over chemically sprayed foods. Sure, going organic can be ecomonically more expensive, but, the cost for your (and the planet’s) health is considerbly higher when choosing food covered by chemical sprays.

Organic and environmentally friendly decisions are also a part of home decor. Sure, you can buy plastic chairs at a (not always) low cost, but these abominations harm the planet more than you think – including everything from manufacture to waste disposal.

No, I’m only in to organic decor.

Check out these hot environmentally friendly pieces from Danish OX Design.

Environmentally friendly decor

xo table soffbord och mini o table

november september stol

OX Design

OX Design produce exciting and natural furniture under the name “OX”. This Danish company uses organic materials, such as leathers from Argentina.

OX say…

The leather is produced from cattle born from the famous Pampas area, a home for over 70 million Argentinian cattle. The cattle are able to roam freely for the majority of their lives, which gives the leather a unique look, including details such as insect bites. Every product has its own unique story to tell!

OX create environmentally friendly bar stools, recliners, hangers, benches, and sofas.

ConfidentLiving have a 10% discount on all products from OX right now.
Just use the discount code “X10”! :)

I challenge you ALL to only purchase eco-decor products whenever possible.

Save the planet, one piece of furniture at a time :)


ox design

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