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Curtains: 5 tips for hot windows

As we all know, decorating with curatins can transform any room from cold and boring to cosy and luxurious. There is a lot to think about when it comes to new drapes, such as colour, material, length and more.

All of these different factors can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we have put together some tips for you here to help you renovate your home with new, hot curtains.



Curtain tips 1: Choice of colour and material

When you’re buying curtains, colour and material is generally what you think of first. But what sort of fabric should you choose, among all of the available types?

Think first about which room the curtains will hang in. Thin fabrics may be stylish and beautiful in a kitchen, but they might not work as well in a bedrom. There, thicker, velvety fabrics tend to work much better to keep out the sun, and dampen sound.

Sun and colour

The sun makes fabrics fade over time. If the room receives a lot of sun, it can be a good idea to avoid light coloured fabrics as these have a tendency to fade more quickly. White curtains however are a safe bet, as they can hardly become lighter :)

If you have a hard time choosing colours, go for something neutral, as neutral colours work with all styles of decor.

Curtains in layers

Layering curtains is both attractive and smart. Put a thinner fabric behind a thicker curtain on two rails. The thin curtain can be drawn in front of the window to let some light into the room, whilst the thicker curtain highlights the overall room decor :)


Regarding material, linen, silk, polyester and velvet are the best choices for curtains. Polyester might not be as luxurious as real silk, but it is much more durable, especially in a sunny room. If silk is used directly in the window, don’t forget to line the curtain, as silk is easily ruined by strong sunlight.

If the room is cold or minimalistic, curtain material can make all the difference, and will also help to Är rummet kallt, minimalistiskt och omysigt kan valet av insulate against outside sounds. It’s no coincidence that most hotels choose thicker fabrics such as velvet or tweed, as these fabrics not only block out light but also insulate well.

vita gardiner

Curtain tips 2. Length

Regarding curtain length, there are really only two options:

The first choice is to get out the tape measure and measure as follows:
Length: Approx. 20 cm higher than the window frame, and all the way down to the floor. Add 5 cm if you want your curtains to touch the floor.
Width: Measure the width of the window fram, add 20 cm, and double it.

The popular second alternative is to quite simply cover the entire wall vertically with a curtian – in other words, measure from floor to ceiling. Add 5 cm if you want your curtains to touch the floor. Use the same technique as above for width. Or why not cover the entire wall vertically AND horizontally for a true glamourous hotel curtain-feeling :)

gold curtains bedroom

These were some simple tips for normal fabric curtains. But there are of course many different ways of decorating in front of the windows. Below are some pros and cons of other types of window covers.

Read on!


Tip 3: Roman blinds and roller shades: beautiful sun protection

  • + suitable for any room, even in kitchens
  • + easy to change depending on season and taste
  • – can absorb food smells and patterns can fade

Tip 4. Venetian blinds: more than just grey and boring

  • + Plenty of choice in terms of colour, style, and materials. Wooden venetians can give warmth and calm to otherwise minimalistic homes
  • + Allow for control of light levels
  • – Can easily become dusty, and don’t block out all light in rooms where darkness is importan, eg. bedroom

venetian blinds

Tip 5. Blackout curtains: Perfect for the bedroom (and all modern day vampires)

  • + Insulate against cold/heat
  • + Dampen sound/light, perfect for the bedroom
  • – Can require stronger rails due to weight

I hope you’ve been inspired to go crazy with fabric in the windows at home. Most of you know my thoughts about silk curtains already: lovely :)

What’s your favourite type of curtain?

Have a great day!



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  1. Great Tips Maria, I need to look for some fun drapes to spice up my currently blank living room.

    Liz Lizo

  2. Thank you very much for those tips! I’d try dark curtains but I am not sure if I’d change my mind in the last minute.They’re kind of extravagant. This post was really useful, I’d come back one day when I have to choose my curtains.

  3. I love this post! We are in the middle of buying a house and I am really excited to decorate, and I need all the help I can get ha ha :D

  4. Such great tips! What a beautiful blog you have!! :)

  5. Hi Maria! Curtains and roller shades are my favourites. They provide shade from the sun, gives great decor at home and also keeps the house warm.

  6. Great inspiration!!! nice tips!!
    Happy New Year for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. This is perfect timing as I am shopping for curtains for my bedroom! Love that clean clean dining room.

  8. Great tips, and I admit that I love silk curtains, too. My sister-in-law designs and makes high-end curtains in New Orleans. Her designs are amazing

    Ricki Jill

  9. This post is great! I have no curtains in my home and now I’m inspired to change this :) Can I ask you how would you put the curtains if you had pipes above the windows? I have those thin pipes in every room because it’s the top flat in the building and they sort of “turn around” in my flat. They’re not very pretty and I’m searching for the way how to cover them. I would very much appreciate some tips :)

    • Hi sorry for the late answer You can maybe hang a roman blind in a white color from the ceiling above the window in front of the pipes. And then curtains on both sides of the window also from the ceiling. Good luck :)

  10. Our little house is so tiny and we love sunlight so there are only curtains in one room in the house. I have one little half curtain in the entry way and a valence in the kitchen. The guest room, and as of today my creative space, has half curtains for privacy. The other rooms face private areas in our yard so we keep them free.

    I absolutely love the dining room you featured. Oh, all those windows!

  11. Hi Maria! Your tips are great as always. I prefer something in in silk and long, also I like Roman type for the kitchen. Have a lovely day, hugs and kisses! xo

  12. Lovely inspiration and ideas.Wishing you a very happy New Year:)

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