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Crystal chandelier inspiration – why you must buy one

Most people naturally assume that it is a bit too luxurious for them all of a sudden if they want to add a crystal chandelier to their home. The truth is that it isn’t tied with the prospect of showcasing a luxury lifestyle. It is about making a statement, chandeliers are statement pieces and the bolder these are the more robust the statement would be.

Why opt for a chandelier-based décor at all?

Home décor ideas for 2022 would have you staggered that so many designers and home décor experts are opting for Chandelier-based décor and it is almost a trend these days. The most obvious elements of going further with this kind of décor are that you would have plenty of light in any room. No need to install extra pendant lights or other sources of luminance.

Next up you would be giving away a statement that is bold and filled with finesse. A great light fixture or chandelier will take any boring element of your room away from your life and will lend a sense of belonging to the place. There are probably tons of different chandeliers available out there so how can you make a solid purchase? And more importantly, how should you include these into your own home décor? To best answer, these questions give the following tips a thorough read.

Shop around for your dream chandelier

The first thing that you would have to do is to settle on the type of chandelier that you want. It could be contemporary, modern, bohemian, or antique based on your interest or the overall décor of your space. But it is important to narrow down to one specific style or orientation of the chandelier before tapping onto the doors of the stores.

Next up it is recommended that you visit the market by yourself. Instead of trying a single shop, visit plenty of these as this way you will truly be able to explore the overall extent of variety they have. It will make your task of choosing a splendid chandelier rather easy.

There is another approach that you can take here but it is going to come at a cost and that is to opt for a customized chandelier solution. What you do here is that you select the frame and then continue to add in lights, bulbs, and fixtures of different types. It will not only look good but will add a personalized touch to your space.

Chose lamp after your current decor style

Think very carefully about the present home décor that you have. It could be modern, contemporary, or minimalistic. And this thing is going to affect your purchase with the chandelier. Because if you pick the wrong one or someone that doesn’t match the overall décor setting of your place then it is just going to look forced and not natural at all.

If you have got a modern home décor then you might be well suited with a bold chandelier that is broad and have tons of different lighting solutions, also probably with the dimmer. If you are more of a contemporary person then anything within a mid-range budget will do the trick.

However, for a minimalistic décor, the best approach would be to go for a chandelier with either single or two bulbs only to kind of complement the overall minimalistic décor setting of your home. Pick the type of chandelier that resonates with your home décor and if it doesn’t it isn’t for you, continue looking.

Style and mix it up

Divide your home into two potential segments. First, you have got the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms. All these places can benefit from having a chandelier especially if you are going for a luxurious home decor setting. But what you need to assess is whether can any of these get by without putting a chandelier in the room.

The kitchen comes out to be a room that will do just fine without a chandelier. What you can propose there as an alternative are the pendant lights, low-hanging lights over the countertops, and the dining table. These will not only be bright enough to light the whole kitchen but would also kind of portray a more stunning visual than a chandelier within the kitchen.

As for the living room and bedroom give your chandelier some company. Think of installing a few pendant lights in correspondence with the chandelier itself. These pendant lights and fixtures along with the chandelier could lend the type of contrast that you are after and will just blow your mind and of your guests with such a calculated setting.

Does size matter?

Home designers are often bombarded with this question, does the size of the chandelier matter? Of course, it does, and if you don’t get this setting right then what is the point of changing your décor? Picking the right-sized chandelier is a must. Suppose you choose a big one and you only have limited space, it would not only be dominating but plain stupid and you don’t want that.

Similarly choosing a very small chandelier for a spacious room is also a mistake that you don’t want to engage in. That is why choosing the appropriate size is a must. As a rule of thumb if the seating capacity of your bedroom or living room is 4-5 people then of course you require a big enough chandelier to make a statement.

On the other hand, if this is not the case then a medium or even a small one would do nicely. Even when you can’t choose the size of the chandelier itself then at least make sure that the lighting that it will provide will be more than enough for the room.

Sticking with a color palette

Next up you need to choose a proper color palette. This is not about choosing which paint goes best with which room, it is more inclined towards lighting color. Most people don’t give any thought to the color of the lights when choosing a chandelier, the end result? It doesn’t uplift or highlight any element of their homes. It is as if they don’t have a chandelier whatsoever.

It is important to have a proper color palette for this thing to work. Do you like to go with warm colors? That looks kind of bold and stingy. Such as bright yellow, pale orange, or something in between. It will have a warmer effect on the room where the chandelier is placed. Some people are not a big fan of warmer lighting as they need something lighter to cozier to work with.

On the other hand, if lighter tones are what you are after then you can go with white light, pale yellow, or anything that doesn’t burn through the skin. Remember whatever color palette you choose needs to work with your present home décor or otherwise it won’t work. There is another approach that you can have here and that is to first go with warmer tones and then shift back to the lighter ones and see which one works best for you.

Take crystal details into account

Another tip to consider is to make sure that the lighting pattern is exceptional and unique you need to take into account the very shape of the crystals embedded over the chandelier. There are tons of different designs to choose from and each crystal shape produces a unique lighting pattern.

Be vigilant in choosing the right crystal form because this is not something that you can change whenever you want to. It is sort of a permanent thing which is why it is recommended that you do your thorough research before sticking with a particular kind of chandelier.

Install dimmer switches

Last but not least all chandeliers come with dimmer switches, this is something that you would have to consider yourself. Whatever chandelier you are buying make sure that it comes with a dimmer switch and if not then ask around from the shop where you have bought it if a dimmer switch can be installed with it.

This will allow you to control the intensity of the light coming from the chandeliers. Sometimes you may need to have robust and warm light coming from the chandelier. But other times you might require a light and soothing pattern and for that, you require a dimmer switch. Get a dimmer switch installed right then and there when you are getting your chandelier installed, this way you won’t have to worry about it later.

Final thoughts

Opting for chandelier décor is a bit bold, to say the least, but it is not void of the benefits that come with it. You would be able to give an instant remake to your home, add a bit of luxury at a modest cost and impress friends and family with the bold and modern home décor vibes of your chandelier.

Plus with the dimmer switch installed you would be able to control light pattern, its intensity, and more making the whole experience customized for you.






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