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Country-by-mail country style decor

I grew up in the country and will always have a soft spot for country style home decor. There is something relaxing and genuine about small towns. I often long to be back at my idyllic childhood home and will probably return to nature when I’m done with life in the city.


Fabrics from Mrs. Humble offer a unique and personal touch in a modern way. They support small scale manufacturing, and their products are known for quality of workmanship, and are kind to the environment. Inredningsvis gives a big thumbs up and LIKE :)


Chateau Blois



I LOVE butterflies – the wonderful poster Papplions from Countrybymail does it for me with Spring feelings :)


kanel mandel te

New products from Countrybymail in the form of lovely teas. What suits inredningsvis better than the tea “Hem ljuva hem” (Home sweet home) :)

lantlig inredning

Country style interior decor with linen curtains. These ones are produced by the beautiful Hellinetyg.


This week’s webshop – Countrybymail – was love at first sight. This wonderful shop was one of the first country-style webshops here in Sweden. The owner, Maria Engström, started Countrybymail in 2006 and received a hugely positive response from day 1.

All of Countrybymail’s wares are purchased from outside of Sweden. Each item is unique and is sourced from travel and interior design and decor events each year. The materials used are natural and charming – you can almost smell the scent of the French lavender fields :)

In 2008, Countrybymail launched their own collection, designed by the owner, Maria. A combination particularly well-liked is the off-white decor with linen fabrics in natural shades.

Countrybymail gets 10 out of 10 from me – a country shop with just the right feeling for materials, environment and creativity. As I mentioned in the beginning of the week, there is nothing better than getting a bargain, and this shop has more than just one…so hurry there now and check them out :)

Have a great weekend, sweeties!



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