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Coffee Table alternatives for small living rooms

Decorating small living spaces isn’t always easy. You must evaluate the size of the area and how it is designed in order to determine what style of furniture will fit best and provide complete functioning of the room. Of course, you want your living room to look nice. It is the most used room in the house; it is where you unwind, entertain, watch TV, spend precious time with family, and just live. To perform all of these things, you must have furniture that matches your lifestyle as well as your aesthetic taste.

Most folks have at least one functioning side table as well as a couch table. However, in most living rooms, the coffee table is the most used and useful furniture. It’s the table where individuals put their reading material, books, periodicals, or a picture album or two on display. However, one of the primary functions of a coffee table is to serve place-to-place beverages or plates of food when entertaining or relaxing with a meal or snack.

If you have a tiny living room, your coffee table should be noticeable but not so enormous that it takes up valuable space and resulting in a furniture overload scenario that is difficult to walk around. Here are some suggestions for selecting the best coffee table for a tiny living area.

1.     Vintage Trunk

An antique trunk adds charm to a room that a new or modern object cannot. There’s also the extra benefit of storage. Just keep in mind that while antique trunks are fantastic for resting your feet up, they sometimes have bent lids, and you can’t necessarily lay anything down on them. If you choose one of these pieces, make sure it is accompanied by side tables.

2.     Side Tables

You probably imagine a huge, rectangular piece of furniture in front of your sofa when you think of coffee tables. While this is the most common configuration, it is not the only one. Is your limited living room area preventing you from comfortable installing a coffee table in the traditional location? If this is the case, and you have space on the ends of your sofa, matching end tables may be the solution.

Instead of a large table in the center of your living room, place two cocktail tables on either side of your couch. Better still, purchase some nesting tables that can be stacked when you need more space.

3.     Storage Ottomans

Ottomans were invented in Turkey in the 18th century to give extra sitting in big homes. They are now perfect for seating, storage, and even serving as a coffee table in the living area. An ottoman, like a footstool, may be found in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from button-backed models with wooden legs to plain rectangular storage boxes.

4.     3-Seater Stools

Stools are no longer exclusively for bars or kitchen islands. Convert two or three backless and armless chairs with flat tops into coffee tables. Stools come in a variety of heights, but for coffee table use, shorter 16-inch to 18-inch high stackable-style stools may work best. You may rearrange them to your pleasure, much like other grouped coffee table alternatives, or use them as chairs at work. Add little circular trays to each stool to provide a place for beverages.

5.     Two-Tier Center Table

Small living rooms sometimes have insufficient storage space, so adding furniture that makes the most of it is critical. Instead of many tables or extended versions, consider a two-tier table with not just a top surface but also a shelf underneath. You’ll take up the same amount of area as a regular coffee table but add much-needed extra space.

6.     Collapsible Coffee Tables

Since the minimalist style first appeared on the scene more than a decade ago, furniture makers have been on board. As the need for efficient apartments has grown, so has the desire for high-quality furniture that can fit in tiny areas. The folding coffee table is one example. If you have a little amount of room, this unique furniture design is ideal. These well-liked fold-up coffee tables come in a range of shapes and sizes. When closed, they may be hidden beneath the sofa out of sight.

Don’t limit yourself to classic designs while arranging a tiny living space. The most prevalent design of a coffee table may not be appropriate for your environment. Instead, be inventive and select items that complement both the size and style of your area. Whether it’s an ottoman-turned-table or a do-it-yourself side table, your coffee table may be a one-of-a-kind and functional piece that fits perfectly and beautifully in your tiny but intimate room.

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