Glutenfri äppelpaj med hemmagjord glass

Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream

APPLE PIE RECIPE It’s a wonderful harvest time right now in August with fruit and berries just waiting to be picked. I am a true pie-addict and the most delicious [...]
Vegetarisk lasagne med rödbetor

Vegetarian lasagna with beetroot

Lasagna has never really been a part of culinary repertoire because I’ve always thought that it takes too long to make. However, recently I tested a vegetarian lasagna with green [...]
Ljuvlig rödvinsås perfekt till lamm mmm

Jon’s red wine sauce for lamb

As you may know, I (Jon) have a tendency to turn up in the kitchen and cook a range of dishes and banquet meals with red wine sauce. I’ve decided [...]
Saffran för mer sex och bättre humör!

Saffron gives you more sex and more fun

Anyone more than me who is obsessed with Saffron? In recent years, I have started to use saffron in almost everything and have realized that this delightful spice is so [...]
7 mest populärt godis runt om i världen

8 most popular Sweets Around the World

Finding a delicious candy bar is usually easy, regardless of where you are. Whether at the movies or home with your loved ones, candy is always an incredible companion. We [...]
Bästa glutenfritt pajdeg recept

Best Gluten Free Pie Dough Recipe

This gluten free pie dough recipes is perfect for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. It’s also perfect for anyone who loves good food. This recipe is so easy [...]
Påsk inspiration: 10 påskägg alla vill ha

How to: 7 easter eggs too cute to eat

I loved making Easter crafts children and especially to paint your own Easter eggs. There are a plenty of delicious colorful Easter eggs out there. The mass-produced Easter eggs at [...]


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