Köpa hus i spanien - 5 billiga bra platser

Buy a Cheap house in Spain – 5 best places

Are you dreaming of buying a cheap house in Spain? Realestate investors and house buyers suggests the cheapest places to buy are located either inland or away from the most popular coastal towns. While places like Toledo and El Carpio de Tajo might not seem appealing, there are still many excellent options on the above list.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best places to buy a Cheap house in Spain

Why do Most People Look to Buy a Cheap house in Spain?

The amazing warm climate is a huge factor for most people who move to Spain. Living next to a beach is another draw and often more appealing than the hot and dry central regions.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to focus on the less expensive coastal towns when searching for cheap places to buy a home in Spain. However, there is still amazing value inland so let us begin our search for the best places to buy a home in Spain with a visit to some small towns in Central Spain.

5 Places to Buy a Cheap house in Spain

 1 Coin & Olvera – Central Spain

Some of the best cheapest places in Spain can be found in Andalusia and Valencia. Coin is a small town which is popular with expats and it’s easy to see why. Located at the foot of the Mijas Mountains, the town is quaint, quiet and surrounded by nature. You can also find large 4-bed townhouses for under €100,000 and the standard is very high. If you wanted to find something even cheaper, you might drive one hour into the Sierra de Mijas to the town of Olvera. Although more secluded than Coin, Olvera is a charming village with townhouses for less than €40,000.

2. Torrevieja – Costa Blanca

Torrevieja is a popular seaside town to the south of Alicante. It is also reachable from the airport in Murcia and a great place to buy a cheap house in Spain. Although once a small salt-mining village, this is now a large town with many cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and other conveniences you might find in a city. There is also a beautiful stretch of sand and plenty of options to get out hiking and exploring the surrounding nature. You will find a lot of cheap houses to buy in Toerrevieja because it has been popular with ex pats for a long time. House prices on the outskirts of town are often less than €100,000 and these are often relatively new builds. The price of apartments is especially low here too and this Swedish couple recently bought a 2-bed apartment for just €35,000.

3. Mil Palmeras & San Pedro del Pinatar – Near Murcia

Murcia is located between the provinces of Alicante and Andalusia. The inland areas of Murcia are known for fruit, flowers and olive oil production. However, the small coastal towns such as Mil Palmeras and San Pedro del Pinatar have beautiful neighbourhoods with cheap property. Murcia also receives more than 3,000 hours of sunshine every year and towns often feel unspoiled or authentic compared to the better known coastal towns. And what about the house prices?

House prices in this region have yet to match the boom prior to 2008 which make it a cheap place to buy a home in Spain. This is why Murcia features on this list of cheapest places to buy a home in Spain. While there are expensive high-end options for more than €300,000, you can just as easily for a house for less than €80,000. If you downgrade your search to an apartment, you will also find a string of one and two-bedroom apartments for under €50,000.

4. Cordoba & Jaen – Andalusia

The Costa del Sol is world famous for being a sun holiday destination. among the best known towns you will find names such as Marbella, Torremolinos and Fuengirola. However, you can still find cheap homes in this region by getting off the beaten path to areas like Jaen and Cordoba. House prices are often under €100,000 and apartments are just half that amount. But why might you want to live here? This region is overflowing with culture and referred to as the ”Mother of Folklore” in Spain. The infrastructure is excellent and you have easy access to beaches, parks and natural attractions in every direction.

5. Gandia – Near Valencia

Valencia has a reputation for having high property prices compared with the rest of Spain. But there are many places near Valencia where you can find homes valued at approximately €1,000 per square metre. Gandia is one such place and it has a fantastic infrastructure due to year-round tourism.

You can also buy cheap homes in the smaller towns here including Oliva, Sagunto and Culler. These towns are popular with foreigners due to the mari-time climate and high quality houses. The area is also famous for growing oranges and having a series of pristine beaches that seem to stretch on forever. In case you might be wondering, the above metric for pricing means that cheap homes in Gandia can easily be found for less than €80,000.

Final Thoughts -Buy a Cheap house in Spain

If you’re anything like me, a home in the sun sounds likemusic to the ears. House prices in Spain make this possible for many and this is especially true if you venture away from the famous cities and tourist hotspots. There is also little sacrifice in these towns because they still have the same beaches, infrastructure and wonderful climate. Ready to begin your search? I hope the above suggestions will help on your search to buy a cheap home in Spain.





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