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Best Halloween Foods and Snacks

Halloween parties are filled with scary music, Halloween decorations and some great costumes, but what about the food? Halloween party food doesn’t need to be boring – instead, you can change up your recipes to create some scary yet scrumptious treats. Let’s take a closer look.

Witch’s Broomstick Pretzel

Pretzels are a great Halloween party food choice as they look like the wood of a witch’s broomstick. Add the end of the broomstick you want to create the brush. Cheese strings are a great way to do this. Trim the cheese string down and stick the pretzel into it. Then peel the bottom of the cheese string apart to form the brush. This can be done with regular cheese and scissors too! A tasty savoury Halloween snack.

Mummy Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a party favourite so of course you need them at your Halloween party. Traditional hotdogs can be transformed into ancient Egyptian mummies easily. Simply wrap your hot dog with pastry bandages and pop in the oven until golden brown. Leave a small gap for little eyes which you can add on with mustard or ketchup later!

Eyeball Caprese Salad

For a more mature, classy Halloween party food choice choose a Caprese salad. A great healthy option that can be altered for some added scares. Make your tomatoes into eyeballs by adding a sliver of mozzarella on top of them, and a slice of olive as the pupil. Balsamic glaze pairs well with this, so add it on top of the salad in a cobweb pattern for an eerie touch.

Ghostly Banana Pops

If you are hosting a kids’ party and want to encourage them to eat some more fruit – ghost bananas are the way to go! Cut your bananas in half and poke a stick into them so they are easy to hold. Dip the banana in some melted white chocolate. While the chocolate is still warm, add some mini chocolate chips for eyes. Pop them in the fridge to cool, then serve.

Monster Mash Guacamole

Chips and dip are a firm party favourite, so why not make your own green guacamole to add some colour to the table. Use fresh avocado for a bright monster green shade. For a monster-themed design create eyes out of sliced olives and a nose from tomatoes to create a monster face on top of your dip.

Spooky Spiderweb Pizza

Some of the best Halloween foods are super simple, and spiderweb pizza is one of them. Simply choose your favourite pizza flavours and buy some extra cheese to go on top. Cut the cheese (we recommend mozzarella) into thin slices and place on top of your pizza in a spider web design. This is a great option for feeding a lot of people on a budget.

Witches’ Brew Punch

For a spooky and entertaining drink, why not make your own witches brew. Simply add a brightly coloured drink such as fruit punch to a large cauldron. These can be purchased in most stores that sell decorations. Adult party mixes can include some alcohol such as:

  • Run
  • Vodka
  • Prosecco

For an extra special effect, add some sherbet into to mixture to make your drink bubble and fizz!

The Take Away

A Halloween party is one of the best nights of the year. The best parties have a spooky theme running throughout with decorations, but having Halloween-themed food takes it up a level. Halloween food is a hit with both adults and children alike and is sure to be a talking point at your party. Most food can be easily made at home – all you need is a little inspiration from our list to help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make these Halloween snacks in advance for my party?

Organising a Halloween party can be a lot of work. Most of the snacks on our list can be made in advance. This can help you manage your time. To keep them fresh, make sure you cover them with foil or pop them in an airtight container.

Are these snacks suitable for a kids’ Halloween party?

Yes – kids will love these creepy designs. Food is great for any kids’ party. Children love novelty designs and will probably appreciate the presentation even more than adults!

Can I make these snacks with dietary restrictions in mind?

If you know you are catering for someone with a dietary restriction, it is important to keep this in mind. Many of the ideas on our list can be adapted to help with this by using, for example, gluten-free or vegan alternatives. Just make sure you label what your guests can and can’t eat to keep them safe.

How can I keep the guacamole from turning brown before serving?

To stop fresh guacamole from turning a horrible brown shade, simply stop it from getting air. Take some cling film and cover the surface, pressing the film right against the top layer. Remove just before serving.




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