11 bathroom shelf decor ideas to copy

11 Bathroom Shelf Decor Ideas to copy

Whether you use your bathroom alone or share it with other household members, keeping it clean and orderly is essential. After all, this space is the key storage for shower supplies, toilet paper and makeup products, among other things. If your bathroom doesn’t have built-in shelving, but you need more storage space for your stuff, installing open shelving is a great idea. Regardless of the type of shelves you select for your space, you’ll need to put much thought into styling them. Decorating your bathroom shelves adds depth, interest and dimension to your bathroom space and helps set the mood.

Are you looking to make your bathroom shelves stand out and need help figuring out where to begin? These tips from design experts should shed some light. But first, how do you select the best shelves for both small- and large-sized bathrooms?

Bathroom Shelf tips

Choosing Shelves for Different Bathrooms

If you have a large bathroom, built-ins are an ideal choice. However, shelves in small bathrooms should be flexible. For instance, floating shelves or brackets are suitable for tiny spaces as you can adjust them to suit your needs.

Some of the bathroom shelving options to choose from include:

  • Glass options
  • Freestanding units
  • Ceiling-grazing towers
  • Accent shelves

Defining your space parameters, the amount of storage you need, and preferred aesthetics will help you select the style that best speaks to you.

Top 11 Bathroom Shelf Décor Ideas

Here are some simple ways to elevate your bathroom space using shelving:

Bring the Outside to the Inside

Naturally, bathrooms feel detached from the rest of your home, so you should consider bringing in a live plant for some colour and life. Ensure you package it in a beautiful planter.

Often, artificial plants are ideal for the bathroom as you may forget to take care of them, and the rapid humidity and temperature changes in bathrooms might not be suitable for natural plants. Position the plant on the top shelf to give your shelves some height.

Repeat Colours

As you decorate your bathroom shelves, try collecting pieces from the same colour family. Do not go overboard by making everything the same colour; instead, select a few key pieces to place on the shelves.

Whether it is storage containers or toothbrush holders, matching bathroom décor creates visual interest and a cohesive look that brightens up your space. The tiles and grout should also not be left behind as they are significant contributors to your room’s overall colour scheme.

Less Is More

When it comes to bathroom décor, minimalism is key. So, adding lots of things to your shelves isn’t doing your space any good. Instead, display a few essentials on the shelves and hide away the rest. However, this doesn’t mean that your shelves should look bland, as you can always add personal touches to the surrounding areas. The space above the toilet is also a great place to personalise.

Stay Organised With Baskets and Containers

Who says bathroom storage has to be an ugly affair? Using baskets and jars to keep your toiletries together is practical and improves the aesthetics of your bathroom shelves. For simplicity, opt for containers like wicker baskets made using natural materials to store extra toilet paper. You can use the glass jars to store q-tips and cotton balls, among other items. The jars should allow you to see their contents to add an extra layer of organisation that is absent in most bathrooms.

Before purchasing storage baskets for your shelves, ensure you measure the shelf width. No one wants a basket that hangs over the shelf and may fall off.

Soften the Look with Towels

If you want to soften the look of your bathroom shelves, adding folded fluffy towels will do the trick. Well, that and threatening your loved ones not to touch them! In addition, well-folded towels give your bathroom a spa-like feel, and who doesn’t want that?

Funny Is Good

Bring in some fun with “You Again?” and “Get Naked” signs. Ensure you arrange them on the shelves alongside your plants and containers for a cohesive look.

No Frames of People, Please!

Imagine someone’s portrait hanging in the bathroom. Awkward, right? Who would want to stare at a picture of their parents as they use the bathroom? Photos and frames are awesome but use pictures of places or quotes.

Create Interest by Layering Items

To add interest to your bathroom shelves, consider layering items. You can achieve this by angling the items or placing the shorter ones at the front. Begin by positioning a potted plant on the shelf and putting smaller items like decorative balls and signs around it. Your shelves should look like a collection of your most prized possessions to make them more attractive.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Candles

Your bathroom can serve as an escape from daily realities. As such, it ought to be as serene as possible. You can maximise its Zen potential by including scented candles on the shelves. Besides creating a relaxing atmosphere, the candles can conceal any lingering unpleasant odours.

Group Items

Before stacking up your shelves, think of putting them in sets. For instance, you can create sets of towels, shampoos, body scrubs and perfumes. As you place them on the shelves, leave some space between the groups. In addition to creating a sense of order, grouping like items is an instant way to achieve a designer bathroom look.

Vary the Heights

Placing items of varying heights on your bathroom shelves gives them dimension. Each of your items doesn’t have to be of the same height; it is too uniform and boring.

Other Bathroom Shelf Décor Ideas You Might Love

Besides the above, here are some shelf décor ideas for a sophisticated and relaxing bathroom atmosphere:

  • Using seasonal décor such as themed towels
  • Displaying vintage items like vanity mirrors or perfume bottles
  • Displaying sculptural objects like pottery pieces and vases

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Improve the Appearance of My Bathroom Shelf?

You can make your bathroom shelves look good by incorporating storage items like baskets and glass jars. You can also bring in greenery and display perfectly-folded towels. Another way to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom shelves is by repeating colours and grouping similar items.

What Can I Put On Bathroom Shelves Directly Above the Toilet?

For shelves above the toilet, you can place a storage basket and stock it with toilet paper or extra linens. You can also store extra toilets in these baskets.

Are Wooden Shelves Okay in the Bathroom?

Yes, wooden shelves are okay in the bathroom. However, you must carefully select a wood option that matches your bathroom vanity or cabinets. Options to consider include pie, plywood, cherry and red oak, among others.

Final Thoughts – Bathroom Shelf

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, shelf décor is essential in staying organised and creating a relaxing space. While every bathroom shelf is unique, any of these décor ideas will help your room spring back to life. Who knows, maybe your dream bathroom is one potted plant away.














































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