6 clever bathroom lighting ideas 

6 Clever Bathroom Lighting Ideas 

To have the right bathroom lighting is more impartant then you think! The bathroom is a room where you retreat whenever you want to relax, and the right lighting is key to creating the proper ambience . However, before getting new fixtures, consider essential factors like the type of light that best suits your space. The four most popular options are sconces, hanging lights, flush mounts and recessed lights.

Whether you are aiming for a modern or retro feel in your bathroom, there are many options for you to explore. This article focuses on some of the top bathroom lighting ideas and offers expert advice on balancing practicality and aesthetics.

Layer Lighting Throughout Your Space

The best lighting schemes are functional and use light from different sources to create a relaxed rounded scheme. If possible, include the three main types of light in your bathroom–task, accent and ambient lighting.

  • For general background lighting, recessed spotlights are the way to go. They are unobtrusive and emit a uniform level of ambient light. Besides, they are widespread across your space so that you can easily move around safely.
  • Task lighting is next. This type of lighting is ideal for specific areas that require illumination so you can see what you’re doing. Such areas include the shower and the area surrounding the mirror.
  • Finally, consider accent lighting to accentuate decorative features like greenery, shelves or artwork. This type of lighting adds interest and dimension to your bathroom space and also sets the mood.

Focus Lighting Around the Mirror

Lighting up the bathroom mirror helps you see whatever you are doing, whether it is shaving, brushing your teeth or applying makeup. Avoid positioning ceiling lighting in front of or directly above the mirror, as doing so creates glare and casts unflattering shadows. If the mirror is located above the sink, the light fittings should be on either of its sides and close to your face for a flattering, even glow. You can also mimic the effect of natural light on the mirror by getting bulbs that emit clear, bright light that doesn’t appear dull or yellow.

Install a Large Low-Hanging Pendant

Today, there is more to lighting than just being a means to see in the dark. Like furniture or art pieces, lighting can elevate your home and is an excellent place to centre your design scheme. A lone low-hanging pendant lighting is unexpected but is perfect for a modern-style bathroom.

Table Lamp

This may not be what comes to mind when you hear bathroom lighting, but it gets the job done. A classic table lamp can be an invaluable addition to a bathroom with enough surface space to rest on. For extra character, opt for a colourful print-mixing option.

Create Symmetry in a Twin Bathroom

Incorporate extra wall lights to adequately light the twin vanity units and basins and either side of each mirror. If you opt for neat column wall lights, you won’t have to worry about them encroaching into your space. Besides, the light they cast will be even.

Alternatively, f your bathroom mirror is very wide and has no breaks, consider positioning a pair of column lights horizontally above it.

Get a Mirror with Built-in Lighting

There is no point in illuminating the mirror area using separate light fittings when you can get a mirror with built-in lighting. Incorporating lighting into a mirror ensures even light distribution and a subtler glow.

Your mirror can also include other intuitive features like colour temperature-changing LED illumination, heated pads and Bluetooth connectivity to make shower time more fun.

Other Bathroom Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

In addition to the above, feel free to explore these clever lighting ideas in the bathroom:

  • Candles
  • Hidden lighting
  • Antique style fittings to evoke the glamour
  • Dimmable
  • Mixing materials for character

LED Lamps

Designers vouch for LED lighting instead of incandescent lighting because they are environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the benefits of LED lights:

  • Energy Efficiency: Compared to their fluorescent, halogen and incandescent counterparts, LED lights consume roughly 50% less electricity. The result is substantial energy cost savings.
  • Extended Lifespan: LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours or even longer. Because of their long life span, they attract lower maintenance costs as replacements are minimal.
  • Durability: These lighting options are resistant to breakages and other impacts as they lack filaments and glass enclosures.
  • Ability to Operate in Cold Conditions: Unlike traditional lighting sources that fail in cold weather conditions, LEDs’ performance in cold temperatures improves by 5%.
  • Design Flexibility: Owing to their compact design, LEDs can be used in most applications.

In addition, these lights do not emit UV or heat and perform well at most power percentages.

Final Thoughts

Aside from illuminating the fixtures, excellent bathroom lighting ensures you see what you are doing, whether straightening your hair or popping a painful pimple. At first, coming up with an elaborate bathroom lighting strategy may seem like an uphill task, but once you’ve zoned your space, you will have a better idea of where to use the different types of lighting. All the best of luck on your next bathroom remodelling project!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Meant by Good Bathroom Lighting?

Good bathroom lighting is lighting that ensures the bathroom serves its purpose well. The bathroom is used for different purposes. So whether you use it to take a bath, shower, listen to music or pour your favourite scotch bottle, good lighting should ensure you do all these easily.

Can You Use Led Lights in Bathrooms?

Yes, you can use LED lights in the bathrooms and the other rooms in your home. The lights have several advantages, such as energy efficiency, safety, a prolonged lifespan and the ability to operate in cold conditions.

What Colour of Led Light Is Ideal for the Bathroom?

For the bathroom, experts recommend going with cool white (3500 to 5000K). It is important to remember that the tasks you carry out in the bathroom will determine the light colour temperature. Also, the colour should suit your preferences. So, if you prefer warm light over cool light, go for it.






































































































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