Art Deco – A guide to this timeless style

Art Deco is one of the first global design influences that spread throughout the world. Before the 1920s, people rarely traveled abroad. This meant that each design and style was much more influenced by the country’s culture. The Art Deco movement meant a shift in this pattern. As more and more people were able to visit countries all over the world, the Art Deco movement influenced the global trends.

From architecture to interior design, to accessories, fashion and so on. Today we will look at how this movement started and how it continued for such a long period. Art Deco was so significant that it still influences our modern world today.

The origins of Art Deco

The Art Deco movement took off in France during the 1920s. More and more people became interested in what the French called “arts decoratifs”, or decorative arts. Crafts include many things, including architecture, paintings and the design of various everyday objects. At the end of the 19th century, several artists became increasingly interested in decorative arts. Several exhibitions were held around Europe and the movement began to have an impact. As the artists shared their creations and inspired more and more people became interested in this new art form.

The architects were also deeply influenced by this movement and began to adapt their visions of how houses and buildings should look. Capture the inspiration of other artists and let them construct beautiful buildings. Around the same time, new building materials began to be used more conventionally. Concrete became increasingly dominant because of its appearance and because it could last a long time. It also allowed builders to complete construction projects in less time.

Art Deco: A combination of different styles

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Art Deco is that the style has so many different variations. This period in history is characterized by a great upsurge in design ideas and concepts.

Although they were all called Art Deco at the time, they can be incredibly different. However, there were certain things that inspired the beginning of Art Deco. Designs based on geometric shapes, bright colors and exotic shapes were the driving force behind the movement. Art Nouveau preceded the Art Deco period, and some influences may be directly related.

Final thoughts

In summary, the Art Deco style is one of the most interesting styles in terms of architecture. It is probably as far from minimalism as you can get. Musty colors and bulging golden details, that is the hallmark of this style. A timeless interior style that will probably outlast us and most other decor styles.

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