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Inredningsvis was founded in 2012 by Maria Ljungström and has since grown into one of Sweden’s largest webpages about home, housing and lifestyle. Today Inredningsvis is an established online magazine and has over 100,000 readers every month. Maria with Inredningsvis frequently figures in media such as Expressen, GP, Houzz, Hemnet, Dagens Nyheter, GP Bostad and others.


Here at Inredningsvis, you can get tips on just about everything in interior design. How to get a luxurious home on a budget, how to decorate small homes bigger, trend scouting and much more. You can also take a look at the famous Instagram homes, where Maria interviews ”This week’s most beautiful Instagram home” every Sunday. We also offer everything in lifestyle such as travel tips, fashion, food, beauty and tips in finance/housing.


Welcome and we hope you will be inspired!




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About inredningsvis

Interior design is Sweden's most popular site about interior design and lifestyle, with thousands of readers every month. Maria Ljungström founded Inredningsvis and she has a true eye for how to make a home look luxurious and personal.



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