7 misstag i er heminredning att inte göra om

7 BIG no no s when you decorate your home

OK, we all have the perfect vision of the perfect dream home. The home that looks as pure, perfect light and well planned as those of all the thousands of interior design magazines, decor blogs and web magazines out there. But the reality is a liiiitleee bit different unfortunately. When you add dog hair, cats fighting, kids vomiting and Friday sofa cuddle which derailed to the perfect-home-game, then immediately the perfect planned interior seems very far away.

NO this is not a cozy post about how to decorate perfectly, this is all that is spelled NO.

Miss Inredningsvis give you all seven sharp lashes for elections to your home decoration that you should avoid at all perfect price!



1. Decorate with only white carpets

NO, NO and NO cause how fresh these rugs may seem in the perfect home in media it will NOT do that in your home trust me.

Yeeessss I know that white seems so chic and insanely attractive. But completely white carpets suits only if you are an American Psycho-steril person who does not move, does not have any pets, partying, do not have children, and sits still as a statue for the rest of his life.

Is not it possible to have just a little small white carpet? the answer is still NO. Even if you make your house completely shoe-free and are vacuuming fanatically every day, dirt and ugly stains are inevitable!

Pure white floors = NO

inredning måla om

2. Paint the new walls without using paint samples first

This gives a whole new name to NO!

You see a color you like soooooo much the color swatches in the store you buy it and start painting your walls PRONTO, right? Error! The colors you see there looks totally different on your wall than they do on the color chart.

No sample paint masses only in shades of your wall and then see how they look in different lighting. Let the paint also dry for a few days then seen it verkkiga result.

This will save you so much frustration (and new gray hairs) for the selection of the wrong wall color!

Painting without paint sample = NO x 1 million.

rosa soffa

3. Decorate with an aggressively colored sofa

OK you see the pompous bright pink sofa in the store and become tokkärare than 1:18 year old on a woolen site for milfmamas. But once you bought the actual couch in a knallig color or over-the-top print you are stuck. It might seem appealing when you first bought it, but a few years later, when your entire living room held hostage by the sofa over-colored-from-hell then you will dream of a neutral sofa.

So if you’re not Donald Trump, rich as a troll and are buying new sofas as new socks, then bright-colored furniture spells NO!


4. Buying expensive marble countertops

Just as sexy pair of designer stiletto shoes is no logic that will convince you not to buy marble countertops. No one buys them naive and believe that the beauty of the material will compensate for the high maintenance requirements.

Soon passes, however, love the rush that inevitably regret their decision, when the first repornna and the stains will, which is direct. No to a normal köksliv to wear every day, it’s important not to go on appearance but on quality, resistance and durability.

Choosing the right home decor is like picking up on the net, the heart falls for superficial beauty but ultimately it is quality that counts!

heminredning tips

5. Falling for a furry fluffy rug

With its cozy plush and chic look rug has become a hot potato that is easy to fall for. But the problem is that they shed more than a Labrador Retriever and cats see them as a giant kiss box. Some homeowners will get used to living with a blizzard of wool that no vacuuming in the world can eliminate. Most, however, that it is not worth the effort and throw out the rug.
I myself have made the fatal rug-mistake once and it ended with the cat peed on it when I forgot to change the box, so I thank my cat Pearl so I finally got rid of the hairy carpet monster :)
5 lashes on myself and a fury rug = NO!


6. To postpone renovations until you move in

The piston is in severe need of renovation, but is it really worth moving back your moving dates to make them when placet is unoccupied? The answer is a resounding YES if you ask any homeowner (including myself) who had to live through the flooring and other renovation projects or painting.

No stay rather than the one month where you are while the work is done so it will be much less painful in the long run than to live alongside extensive renovation. Or worse postponing the inevitable as there is no appropriate time to do anything after you have moved in.

Move in with renovation = NO

klä om soffa

7. Remake a three-cheap antique furniture yourself

OK, you’ve seen the ancient furniture and so cheap in addition to good to miss, you immediately see the vision of it in upholstered vision in your living room. It will be so neat and the chair will give that fashinabla feeling that only luxury ala Art Deco has.

Knock knock knocking reality as well as tricks & treats children hard on the imagination door!
The cost of furniture restoration of the cheap furniture can be shockingly high, and are often much more expensive than just buying furniture is brand new. If you do the math, you could end up stuck with a vile 70s floral-upholstered loveseat or a moth-eaten sofa in the living room.

Upholstered furniture in the imagination without figuring out the price of it all before purchase = NO

heminredning inspiration


There you have the whole NO-list for this time, and I have done two of those mistakes, so I am writing wholeheartedly for it. Sure you can make many mistakes in their home decoration, but the key is to learn from them and realize it the next time will not fantasize same game again!

Which interior mistakes you remember back home? tell me!

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Well planed interior design = YES



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