Förvaring barnrum  - 6 tips på smart förvaring

6 tips how to get perfect children’s room storage

I have neglected the soft cute part of the population awhile also known as the kids :) so now it’s time for them to be in the spotlight. Many moms are tearing their hair when they entering the previous perfect cleaned children’s room. In a few days its all a mess again with gadgets and clothes allover the thre place again!

What can you do in a children’s room to easily obtain a storage and hide everything quickly before the guests arrive? Well it’s about smart well planned storage and today shows Inredningsvis how you avoid storing the chaos (and angry moms :)

This is Inredningsvis rocking children’s room storage special enjoy !

Children’s room storage


sängkappor barnrum

Bed skirts

Super Sweet bed skirts for childrens rooms where they want to hide ugly things under the bed :)

If you wanna see more bed skirts perfect for a childs room you can check out stores like Ellos and Jotex.

förvaring barnrum

1. Take advantage of the hidden or forgotten places

The smartest tip on storage in the children’s room is according to me under the bed. This otherwise dusty forgotten space takes on a whole new meaning if, instead store and save under there. Buy tex. a cot with integrated storage box shaped. If you can not afford to buy a new home sewn or bought bed skirt gonna work just as well.

Single coat hiding tex. boxes of toys or larger items that you do not want to show up. Then there are some mischievous children also have a very own secret stash under the bed :)

förvaring barnrum (2)

bänk barnrum

Use the space under the windows to save space in your childrens room !

2. Window storage in the children’s room

In Sweden, one bit obsessed in having the window area below the window free. I think this is wrong, especially when it comes to a children’s room. Decorate instead with a nice long bench with drawers under the window. This saves both space and location if the room is small. Since it is also very cozy to sit on the storage bench by the window.

Inredningsvis recommend – furniture that can be used on more than just one way!

barnrum bokhyllor

How COOL is these DIY shelfs :)

barnrum inspiration

3. DIY storage – Cool & Creative

Fix storage to the children’s room as you yourselves done. It can be easy storage in paper bag above with painted face. Or more advanced site-built shelves for example. above the door. Put a modern coat rack in one corner of the room and hang up the very cutest baby clothes for beholding.

Yes imagination does not stop at DIY when it comes to children’s rooms. Another thing that is great fun for the children themselves, can during manufacturing. When I was little I loved to knepa, knead and create on all levels. Now I blog for others to do so, the circle is thus closed :)

förvaring barnrum hyllor

4. Store and save up the walls

Walls are always a super smart storage area which room it might be. Nailing up shelves and store the finest children’s things visible. What could be cozier than to have storybooks visible on the shelf and let the child choose a book every night!

On the right image, they have a smart jewelry hanger for baby’s little things on a hanger. It has been frequently circulating on foreign interior pages, and you can see the incomparable home as it comes from HERE

I wish I had had the hanger as a child when my secret stones disappeared on a conveyor belt :)

barnrum vintage

Save grandmas vintage furiniture and place them in the childrens room !

vintage koffertar

5. Keep the vintage style

Bargains nice old furniture and stuff at the flea market and used in the children’s room as beautiful storage. Take for example. old antique trunks set the one above the other and suddenly you have smart storage that is also a feast for the adult eye.

Old wooden coffins works fine in a boy’s room with a pirate theme. The coffin is then used as storage for toys and books while acting stylish coffee table.

barnrum tips

6. Recycle kids stuff

This is an especially good clever tricks in this shopohollic mania times. Reuse the children things siblings outgrown the new baby as storage. For example, they can be a sweet baby basket or bed work as a clever fun storage for toys. Storage boxes can be reused for other than the first used to. Move around the box and let the kids paint the furniture to his room.

My brother’s old computer game table he tired, can become my sister’s new white-painted desk made for her painting and creative!

barnrum hyllor

Children’s room storage

So there you have my top tips to avoid unnecessary quarrels over the mess and lazy children. If you also fixes nice storage together with the children, they realize that it is much more pleasant to live in a orörigt room :)

This was my tips but let creativity and imagination flow unimpeded vettja. And will you on a smart storage send it to me so I publish it. I love creative people with odd ideas ….. there are those who build new furnishings bridges :)

Keep and save!


  1. My daughter’s room is painted a light peach. She is very creative and involved in numerous activities. Her walls are decorated with her awards from school and activities, 4H ribbons, and art projects. She loves hats and has not only collected a number of them, she also designs and sews her own. These are tacked along the edge of the ceiling like a border.

  2. These are a really great way to decor kids rooms. I feel these are cool stuff for kids. I have suggested try Embroidered Bed Skirts

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