6 höga inredningstips för hem med lågt i tak

6 tips how to fake your ceiling higher

Do you have low ceilings but wish it were higher? Not everyone has the privilege to stay in posh large homes with a ceiling higher than the sky. SO how can you do if you want to enhance the ceiling without renovation? Well you can fake it way higher with the right chosen decor!

Ladies and gentlemen here are 6 decor tips for low ceilings but for everyone with high dreams!

Decor tips for low ceilings

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Vertical striped wallpapers make the ceiling look higher than it is!

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I have high ceilings at home except in the hallway. Some freak lowered my ceiling in the nightmare era of ugly decor …..the 70s  When I moved in there already were long striped bright wallpaper in the hallway so i got very happy and I added a long, narrow mirror and suddenly my hallway looked very spaceious. It’s amazing how you can fool the eye with the right chosen interiors :)

1. Wide vertical stripes

Using broad stripes on both the curtains and the wallpaper is one of my best-extending interior design tips and immediately gives the feeling of high ceilings. But do not use both at the same time as it looks more like a crazy circus in the living room than higher ceilings :)

If you choose a long striped curtains instead so be sure to put them on a curtain rail in the roof ist. for a curtain rod. To put curtains in the roof provides direct illusion that the room is higher and more spacious. In fashion, they say that tall people should avoid long-winded that extends even further, within the interior will you just vice versa :)


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2. Raise the roof with roman blinds

If you live with really low ceiling like some very old 1700 century house, then skip the curtains completely. Way rather up bright roman blinds in the roof above the window. This immediately gives a light airy feel of the room but still offers sun protection when they pulled down. Even here you can think about using roman blinds with vertical stripes on.

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3. Make magic with gallery walls

To put several small identical paintings directly above one another provides direct feeling of higher ceilings. If you have a large painting that way the then up at the ceiling thus higher than normal, this also enhances the room.

Even high shelves placed up to the ceiling giving a longer feeling. Perfect if you stay small and do not know where to make of all the books. Decorating Tips numbers for low ceiling one is simply place everything a little higher.

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5. Keap it light and clean

YESSS I know it’s old news about keeeping it lighgt and bright at home, but I have to say it anyway. Painter man or upholstery dark where there is a low ceiling becomes more of a cave than a fresh home.

A super tips to raise the roof is to use a beige color on the walls and bright white paint on the ceiling. This allows the roof increases automatically, painting is truly magic. If you want to be daring, you can try painting the ceiling in glossy white color cheating raise the roof even more. But do not use gloss paint on the roof and in other interiors at the same time.

Skip then all plotter and a lot of unnecessary interior if you live a little. Clear and hold it stylish with just a few less popular personal belongings. Avoid messy picture walls and posters with muddled motives it also reduced impression.

Think bright and clean enhances – Dark and messy diminishes!


Uplight lamps and mirrors enlarges and enhances the home, these findings are of IKEA

6. Taaalllll interiors

Decorate with many long interior details like lamps, flowers and candles in tall candlesticks. If in a room with low ceilings using a pen. uplight lamp is experienced immediately the room higher in the evening when the lamplight tricks the eye. AVOID luminaires when the lights down, which rather gives the impression of a lower room. Instead, use multiple tables llamas that lights up and skip reducing clumsy ceiling.

On the table you can put a round in a pot but use a long growing in it. This conjures also face longer and also gives a sober neat impression. Witch hazel found in flower shops is a very tall plant and I would recommend it to anyone with a dwarfs-home :)

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Bonus tip – Higher doors and windows

If you want to make a more dramatic change for really low ceiling, it is smart to raise the doors. To place the door frame at the top of the roof and then use the longer door than normal immediately gives the impression of much higher ceilings.

Even the mirror doors with vertical mirrors has a strong elongation effect in a low place. Select NOT horizontal door mirrors if you live small, rather then one color white door instead.

On the window front is smart to make known. window walls in the living room. Windows that go all the way from floor to ceiling is probably the most magnifying, lengthening trick in the book. If you can not afford to rearrange the windows works long mirrors placed at good location very good as enlarge too :)

inredningstips dörrar

Decor tips low ceiling

One should not cheat with taxes but with the decor, it is best to cheat all the way to the ceiling :)

Fake it TALL!


  1. I love your style. It is so clean and fresh.

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