5 fantastiska billiga juldukning stilar

5 ways to set a Christmas table cheap and fast

There are countless Christmas table settings to choose from out there. What you should ask yourself is what style do I like? and can I easily make the table setting without getting stressed out in all the other Christmas preparations.

A Christmas table setting can be both easy and cheap to do, here are some successful tips how to do it!

Christmas table


Some green branches will save the Christmas table for sure!

juldukning natur

1. A classic Christmas table with green branches

This is probably one of the most popular Christmas table settings and its SO simple to do. Use classic porcelain from either your grandmother or some antique finds from the flea market. Pick a bunch of green branches from trees or flower shop. Set the table with a natural linen beige cloth, or with simply wooden table linen tablets.

Tip: Add green moss and twigs in the middle of the table and place the beautiful candlesticks along the green in different lengths. This style fits nicely in your room with a classic interior like a chandelier and some golden decorations.

juldukning vit

2. Dreaming of a white Christmas

If you live in the West of Sweden a white Christmas table is the closest to a white Christmas you will get. For not everything to be in order use linen beige table cloth and some golden details such as candlesticks, etc. You can also use other white plants than just Christmas flowers. White tulips also works at a Christmas dinner if they end up in the right table companion.

The tip: Green pine tree branches placed in a clear urn with a few less golds and white Christmas Balls will do nicely on a white table!

jul inspiration

juldukning billig

3. A more modern juldukning

Here are the modern stylish and minimalist Christmas. Use lots of white furs on the chairs and mix designer chairs with some older flea market finds. This fits a strict simple Christmas table with some classic elements as red apples and some green branches. Always use a white cloth for a more modern clean feel to work from.

The modern Christmas tree should be clean from lots of decorations, just keep it simple!


4. A rich colored oriental Christmas table

A newcomer in Christmas interiors are the oriental styled Christmas. Use a red oriental carpet and lots of cozy furs, rugs and exotic red lanterns for a more oriental Christmasy style. The best thing about this season is that the oriental details can then remain all year round and do not need to be stored in attic :)

julbord dekoration

juldukar röda

5. The traditional Swedish red Christmas

This Christmas was the only one possible for my mom when I celebrated Christmas as a child in the country side. The Christmas decor should always be a thousand little red Santas, otherwise no Christmas prefering to my mother.

Keep the red thread, and use many red accents that mixes nicely with green branches and generously decorated Christmas tree. Small pine branches outside the entrance, and a green wreath on the door is a must for the genuine traditional Swedish Christmas decor.

Tip Use some drops of lemon oil under the Christmas tree, that will keep all crazy cats away from the tree all Christmas!

juldukning inspiration röd

There you have some easy Christmas table styles to copy straight off. As you can see, it is very easy and not expensive to fix a really cozy Christmas table AND it will work on NYE to :)

Now have a merry stylish Christmas!


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