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February 2016

Gothenburg homes – retro heaven in Majorna

The first time I saw this beyond flawless Gothenburg home was on another blog. I did not know then that the apartment is actually located next door to me. Yes, just a short distance from where I live in Kungsladugårdsgatan (Majorna), this retro heaven lies at Älvsborgsgatan 36. Miss Inredningsvis crowns this home to the coolest of Gothenburg homes right now.

I am otherwise not much to for brainwashing people with the similar styled realastate homes as many blogs do, but this is a MUST see!

Gothenburg homes

gothenburg homes


kök göteborg

entrance mäkleri

A retro kitchen made in retro heaven!


göteborg rum

inredning göteborg

That stairs mmmmm!

inredning i göteborg

hemmakontor inredning

This creative working space is just perfection!

inredning retro



badkar med tassar

Isnt this bathroom TO DIE FOR!

mäklare i göteborg


A simple cloth like linnen can be so beautiful!

göteborg mäklare


Gothenburg homes

SOOO wasnt this apartmen amazing ? maybe you wanna move to Gothenburg now :)

Gothenburg homes rules!


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