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January 2016

Pink decor – fun, happy and forgiving

I am so happy that my ultimate favorite color of all times, PINK is in this year. Although I do not follow design trends like a slave, it’s always fun when something you like in decor hits the roof. I became obsessed in pink decor as a child and I had my whole girls’ room in screaming pink painted walls.

I do not know why I love Pink so much but I always get happy every time I see it. I myself have lots of pink interior at home and the favorite right now is my baby pink kitchen lamp. I am newly single and I just say that the guy that I date the next time, must have damn good contact with his inner female gay haha :)

Here are some amazing pink decor from our largest webshop giants!

Pink decor

rosa inredningrosa sittpuffarrosa blommor

Some pink tullips photo take from my own home :)

rosa heminredning

rosa inredning tipsrosa prydnadskuddarrosa barninredning

rosa inredning 2

rosa inredning soffa

Pink decor

According to feng shui that I believe in, pink color is for reconciliation, love and forgiveness. Is pink in right now as a bright opposite to all the dark things happening in the rest of society? We now want the light and forgive the past and move on.

In my case, it began pink passion long before all the terror and hatred. It began when everything was innocent and playful and that is exactly why I decided to write about the decor.

To decorate must be like when you were little, fun, playful, colorful, light and full of pink love :)



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