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September 2015

Oriental furniture from Medleys trade

Tired of the minimalist pessimistic decor??? then you should check out today’s post with spicy oriental furn guaranteed to rock the room!

I have always had a great passion for mystique oriental furniture. In a country where the chilly minimalism reigns, the rich orient style is a necessary antidote. Some oriental furniture and details immediately makes a room warm, exotic and cozy.

In fact, oriental decor fits fine in our cold Nordic homes, then hot and cold meet and form the perfect balance. So let’s spice it up with some mysterious oriental decor!

Oriental furniture

orientalisk inredning (2)

Add some oriental furniture to your home and it gets warm and cozy!




orientalisk inredning onlineorientalisk inredningasiatiska-möbler

Oriental furniture

Is this oriental decor simpley amazing??

Spice up the decor!


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