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July 2015

A Danish dream home to copy

If you define a perfect decor with old and new, it is today’s dream home. This Danish home has been featured extensively in the Danish media and it is not difficult to understand. I mean check out the perfect balance in color scheme and its unexpected choosing furniture :)

Dream home


The home is owned by the Danish superstar actress Paprika Steen. She’s what you might call the Danish answer to our Mikael Persbrandt.

It is noticed that the lady owner has a burning sense of interior design, color and shape as the whole placet waft artistry. Arty chic, I would like to name this fantastic spot to.

inredning inspirtaion

The owner loves old Rokoko styled chairs.


Isnt this decor combination just AMAZING :)

inredning vardagsrum

Old classic sealing meats modern Danish interiors LOVELY :)

inredning kök

inredning badrum

Why not add a antique chair to the bathroom like this It makes the room more coozy and unbathroom like.

inredning sovrum

Dream home

It is wonderful to blog about interior design inspired by all incredibly talented amateur decorators. One need not be trained interior designers to get into a home like this. Many believe such. I’m decorators and empty. ask me if I can decorate their home.

In fact, I’m looking to start doing it, you have a talent you should always give vent to it. To all who believe that one must be highly accomplished in order to succeed Think Twice, real talent is innate. You just have to find people and a forum that highlights the talent and not press it :)

What hidden talents are you inside?



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