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May 2015

Spice up your room with Moroccan decor

One of my favorite styles is Moroccan decor full of mystery, color and unexpected moves. Marrakech tiles in the kitchen has seen a big upswing in recent years. Never have we wanted more mystery and exciting Moroccan decor than in our kitchen.

Our clean Swedish minimalistic interior matches Moroccan decor perfectly. On the whole, we all need more Oriental décor to give our home that little extra spice :)

Moroccan decor

marockansk inredning

Marrakech styled floor in the kitchen makes a whole new feeling to the room!

marrakech kakel blått

marrakech kakel

If you do not decorate an entire room with Marrakech decor you can just use small details in small spaced areas.

marrakech kakel köket

Moroccan decorMoroccan details

Moroccan details to dream about!


Moroccan decor floor

This Marrakech styled floor is plastic, BUT its hard to belive isnt it :)

Moroccan decor tips

Moroccan decor

I hope you were inspired to add some Moroccan decor to your home now. It’s like taking a tasteless stew and add some Oriental spices they turn everything around to colorful and tasty :)

What do you like Morrocan decor and Marrakech flooring ??


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