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July 2014

Inredningsvis Summer story, so far :)

Unfortunately, Summer is almost over :( That’s why I’ve chosen to summize the Inredningsvis Summer so far. It can be summed up in one word: SWEDISH in every way possible. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


expressen inredningsvis



In the media

In June, Inredningsvis was featured in the newspaper Expressen. I was photographed in the same week for the newspapers GP and Aftonbladet. I’ll let you know when those articles are published :)

However, it was my can Brorsan that really stole the show :)



Cold midsummer 2014

Team Inredningsvis (dvs. My b/f Jon and I) celebrated midsummer at Amundön outside of Gothenburg. It wasn’t exactly idyllic however as it was windy and cold… in other words, a typical Swedish midsummer! :)


Stung by a bee, poor thing!

June finished with a small trauma, as Brorsan The Star flew up one of the curtains in the living room chasing a bee, only to get stung, of course :(


tofta herrgård

inredningsbloggar göteborg


Chilling out at Tofta

Life at a luxury Manor when we stayed the night at wonderful Tofta Herrgård. Highly recommended!




After a terrible Summer weatherwise, the end of July has actually been very hot. So, we’ve been swimming – A LOT. We visited Styrsö, Brännö, Asperö and Delsjön to name a few. We’ll be putting together a list of top places to swim in Gothenburg soon, so stay tuned.

inredningsblogg bästa

Shopping at Hönö

A shop that all home decor enthusiasts have to visit is Lilling Cottage at Hönö. This amazing little shop has everything from flowers to organic skin care to masses of wonderful home decor items of course.

bild 3

Brännö island

I officially name café Varvet at Brännö Sweden’s coolest hangout. You can find this awesome café in the middle of the boat yard, among boats, hammocks, flea market bargains, with the ocean on the doorstep. A chilled out Carribbean feeling on the terrace of the café – highly recommended! :)


Amazing Särö

We visited Särö – a luxurious penninsula outside of Gothenburg where huge villas owned by the elite are everywhere.


That’s been our Summer so far. However, we are leaving for a holiday to the south of Sweden today, and of course we’ll let you know how it goes, and give you plenty of hotel and holiday ideas once we get home. Until then, we’re taking a short break and will leave this Summer post online until then.

How has your Summer been so far?

Hasta la vista :)

Maria & Jon

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