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June 2014

Home decor tips: White decor

Sweden is the land where white rules when it comes to home decor. But decorating a room in white is much harder than you might think. In fact, it’s a real art form.

White walls combined with white furniture and fabrics can often leave a room feeling cold, unfriendly, and boring. The trick is to focus completely on textiles. Here are some home decor tips about decorating in white:

White home decor


In this space we see a perfect mix of well-chosen materials with different beautiful white color shades. We also see some interior details in dark beige which give the room balance and colour harmony. If you want to break the all-white feel, a coloured orchid on the bedside table is a simple solution.


NOT HOT (above)
Clinical white without any other material is cold and WRONG – feels like a morgue.


Wonderfully inviting room with romantic white bed and lovely woollen rug for a warm, cozy feeling… mmmm ME LIKE :) Here we also see the coloured detail I mentioned above in the form of beautiful flowers.


NOT HOT(above)
Cold, flat and BORING, like a monastery. Such a beautiful old fireplace deserves better decor and destiny :)

White + wood = LOVE! :)

inredningsbloggar göteborg


Three tips for romantic home decor in white

Tip #1
Decorate with delicate lace curtains with thick fluffy white woollen carpet by the bedside. A worn antique bed frame with raw wood will be a nice transition and contrast to the romantic lace.

Tip #2
Use bold contrasts between the materials eg. velvet, silk meets cotton and linen. The colour palette is kept in the same white scale, for a warm, cozy and harmonious bedroom.

Tip #3
Mix more both old and new furniture, let epochs meet in a perfect white interaction. If you want to add something more than white, raw wood works perfectly as it gives warmth to a room.

There were some white decor tips for you. I hope that you are inspired to mix & match white at home, but remember that it should never feel like a hospital room :)

Do you like white interiors?

Have a nice day!


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