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Autumn Fashion 2013: HMs & Other Stories

HM’s “& Other Stories” brings us the hotest Autumn fashion in 2013. We still see a lot of floral patterns, with dark green as the big IT colour of the season. It’s great to see that pink is still in from the Summer, which is matched with black for a more rugged Autumn fashion look.

Personally, I love the tumblr-type page of & Other stories with more fashion than you can handle. What, have you missed it? Then check out my little appetizer below…enjoy! :)

autumn fashion


autumn fashion 2013

hm 5


Blue details… HOT Autumn Fashion!

autumn fashion 2

hostmode 5

Get that 60’s retro style… just like Jackie Kennedy :)


Autumn Fashion 2013

Swedish H&M’s new project “& Other Stories” is class all the way. The project managers have worked secretly for three years to develop their label. Originally, the thought was to create a new line of beauty products. But it wasn’t to be. Samuel Fernström explains that they wanted to instead create a holistic line – a whole look. & Other Stories has makeup, skin care, clothes and loads of accessories. The prices are between 50 SEK and 3,000 SEK.

The garments will be divided up into different fashion ‘stories’, inspired by high fashion in Paris. The shoes in the first two of four styles are by Acnes’ shoe designer, Nicole Wilson.

The first Swedish store opened in March on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm. It is 700 m2, of which 100 m2 is just shoes. Stores will also pop up in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris, and they have an online shop at

I’ve always liked HM and their innovation – a company with plenty happening and in a state of constant flux – just how I like it. I do not want to have any other stories, except for “& Other stories” :)

What do you think of HMs Baby “& Other Stories”?

Have a great day!


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