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July 2013

Summer memories and Autumn Anxiety


We are now nearing August and I must admit that I got a bout of Autumn anxiety last week. It is a special type of anxiety that I get every year when Summer starts to end. A sadness sweeps over me and makes me realize that the wonder of Summer is always too short. YES Summer in Sweden is far too short. We wait so long in the dark, so we deserve a few more months of warmth and light :)


sommarminnen 2

sommarminnen 3

sommarminnen 4

sommarminnen 5

Isn’t this amazing? Life should always be like this…standing on a cliff, painting the ocean colours with calming waves as background music :)

sommarminnen 6

sommarminnen 7

sommarminnen 8

sommarminnen 9

sommarminnen 10

Summer memories

We must simply create as many beautiful Summer memories as we can, store them in the memory banks and remember in the cold Winter to warm the soul. I have been inspired by the salty sea and island life this summer, and this is something I intend to continue to inspire you with a good while in to the approaching Autumn.

Above, I offer the sweetest summer collection I’ve seen in a long time from the store You can feel the ocean breeze and summer sun through the images.

I will enjoy the lovely Swedish summer with flavors of strawberry, barbecue and homemade elderflower juice before I let the Autumn in :)

Does anyone else feel any autumn anxiety??

Have a great day!


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