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Dreaming of a countryside lifestyle

sommartorp friggebod


lantlig inredning





öppen spis






Dreaming of a countryside lifestyle

I have a longing for Summer that I can not get rid of – living in a red cottage with garden, preferably near the sea so that the soul can rest. I have searched a long time for a Summer house to rent to get away from the city life. However, it is difficult to find anything good, especially when you want to have pets. Gothenburg is a beautiful city but unfortunately there is constant building going on right now. As the sensitive and artistic soul I am, I become easily restless and irritable with all the construction and long for total silence.

In a high-tech media world, silence is golden. But shame on those who give in, and when Miss Inredningsvis wants something then I struggle hard to achieve no matter what :) I’m looking for my Summer dream and quote Depeche Mode’s old classic… “Enjoy the silence.”

Do you get restless in town during Summer??

Have a great weekend!


Design + Animals = LOVE

Cat fight over the hot designer chair…the winner takes it all (and the food too :) They talk about a fashion lion…I am the king of designer furniture so if you touch my chair you’ll get a taste of…

Colourmania: Zara Home

Floral patterns are HOT this Summer and can be seen in fashion and decor. Colourmania: Zara Home Zara Home’s new Summer collection is clearly a very colourful story. We see a lot of floral patterned fabrics and details in…

Styrsö Guest House

  Styrsö Guest House Last weekend was a real heat-wave in Gothenburg, so team Inredningsvis travelled out to our beloved Styrsö island to keep cool. We stayed at Styrsö Guest House, with some of Sweden’s most beautiful surroudings. The…

Vintage and retro from Retroholics

A classic pink Cadillac for your wall, from Aren’t these bandages in cupcake-form sweet? Hurting yourself becomes almost fun :) Yes, there was a time when iPhones weren’t around :) Retroholics have retro wall telephones and the hot…

Decor crush of the day: Well-planned out in Linné

This wonderful apartment is in my beautiful hometown of Gothenburg. Specifically, in the cozy neighbourhood Linnéstaden, which I highly recommend if you are visiting Gothenburg. This apartment is my decor crush due to the big bright surfaces with lovely…

Favourite fashion girl: Lauren Conrad

I’d like to begin by thanking Anna from the lovely blog Bara Anna. Anna places inredningsvis at the top of her interior design and decor blog list :) She has interviewed me on her blog. You can read the…

Outdoor inspiration from IKEA

The chair Brommö 499 SEK is new this season, as well as my absolute favourite chair Högsten. 995 SEK Protect the balcony from Swedish Summer weather with Dyning wind breaker 179 SEK Hot Läckö table and 2 chairs 695…

Inspiration: Spring is the thing

This is my favourite Spring thing…sitting under an apple tree in full bloom. Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best :) Is there a more glorious time of the year than May? Hardly. All spring trees are…

Five fashion finds: Ballerina shoes

The ULTIMATE mega-bargain of the week is from Din Sko. These cuties cost just 99 SEK – grab that bargain! :) 1. Bring out your wild side at Din Sko 2. Sale on these cute ballerinas at Zalando 3.…

Picnic style with a scent of Summer

A fun and colourful picnic style on a trip to the countryside…I LOVE that Vespa :) The mystical Indian style picnic where you use lots of colourful pillows and blankets :) Marine style picnic – always classy. [hr] FINALLY,…

Dreams of the island lifestyle and century-old villas

Recently, Jon and I have visited the islands in Gothenburg’s beautiful archipaelago a lot. Now I’m dreaming of a Summer house on my favourite island, Styrsö, far from the endless noise and fumes of the city. Nothing beats the…

Insta-weekend with inredningsvis

Sometimes pictures say more than 1000 words… Here is team Inredningsvis’ weekend in pictures: LOVE M…

Gluten free bread recipe

Gluten free bread It can be difficult finding good gluten free bread in the shops. Unfortunately, most of them taste like wallpaper glue. I have suffered intolerance to gluten for a long time, and know how hard it can…

Outdoor inspiration from Buildor

Spring is here and it’s finally time for outdoor furniture. There is nothing better than the first morning tea outside in the sparkling Spring sun. Worn out old outdoor furniture isn’t much to look out, which is why it…