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February 2013

Exotic decor from Picok Stockholm



Throws where the pattern is made with block printing, which means that the pattern is carved out of a wooden block and then printed by hand directly on the fabric. Nothing beats genuine textile handcraft :)



Wonderful beautiful shawl made from 100% Kashmir wool. The shawl is weaved and embroidered by hand. Available at PikocStockholm.






We continue this week with a visit to the store PicokStockholm, a favourite boutique right now. To me, a true pillow-a-holic, this shop was love at first website visit :) Picok Stockholm offers a luxurious mix of the most beautiful embroidered pillows, Indian cashmere shawls, bedspreads, beautiful candlesticks and more.

As I said before, I have a great passion for decor from the Far East. It’s nice to mix contemporary stylish decor with a select few gadgets from China or India. It provides a perfect komination of chilly Scandinavian meets warm exotic.

You can also visit PicokStockholm if you are on a visit to the capital – they are at Kocksgatan 52. You simply can not miss this luxurious store so visit it HERE

Have a great day, hotties!


picok stockholm logga

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